WSGT 2015 Gratitude Writing Contest Winners

WSGT 2015 Gratitude Writing Contest Winners

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: the day we find out which talented writers are the winners of the most recent WSGT Gratitude Travel Writing Contest! This is the last of WSGT’s contests as in their place, we are welcoming in the brand-new Independence Travel Writing Award. With $1000 in cash prizes to be won, this is an opportunity you … Continued

A Gift from Nicaragua

Last year, around this time I wrote an article about an experience I had when I traveled to Granada, Nicaragua in 2011. I remember the positive and negative feedback that I received from some of the readers. I wrote the article to inspired individuals to observe the similarities that some Americans have with some Nicaraguans. … Continued

Kenya: My Beautiful African Home

“Ladies and gents, we are about to start our decent!” shouted the pilot as he turned in his squeaky seat just in front of me. Yes, there were no doors separating the pilot’s cabin from the main cabin of the tiny Blue Sky Airline’s operated Cessna Caravan 208B. Nor were there seatbelts, luggage storage or … Continued

Survivor, Sri Lanka

Survivor, Sri Lanka By Paul A. Freitas Have you ever wanted to go somewhere that you have never been but have no idea which destination to choose?  You just point to a place on the map and go right?  This is exactly how I ended up white knuckling the rear door handle of a car in … Continued

Cambodia: Three Days in Phnom Penh

Three Days in Phnom Penh Even the weather was perfect-cloudy skies, a cool breeze and little rain. As the plane flew over the rice fields of Cambodia, dipping through clouds and finally emerging over the confluence of the Mekong and the Tonle rivers over Phnom Penh, I gazed at the flying countryside and city below, … Continued

Venice: Crossing the Bridge of Sighs

Crossing the Bridge of Sighs  At my first job right out of college, I spent eight-plus hours a day getting people to “Call now!” and “Learn more online!” for clients of a small-but-ambitious ad agency in Chicago. Needless to say, I wanted to put my writing to work in a way that was actually productive … Continued

Valencia – City of Ghosts

Valencia is not particularly well known. No image of it came to my mind, but a quick Google search informed me it was Spain’s third city, birthplace of paella, and cheap, so it seemed ideal for a getaway. It would turn out to be far more interesting. After arrival we head to the chief attraction. … Continued

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