What African Adventures in Mozambique Taught Me

Paradise (Pro)found in Mozambique

“It’s not just a pretty island; it’s a profound experience. I can’t explain it, but go, you’ll see.” Umm yeah, maybe, for dreamers, followers of fairies and wearers of crystals. I sceptically boarded “our” private boat from Inhassoro on mainland Mozambique, to this “profound experience” on Santa Carolina otherwise known by the whimsical as “Paradise … Continued

Goa Through the Eyes of a Portuguese Woman

Foreword: A little history lesson before we commence. India has been the playground of the feisty European colonialists for centuries now. Most pockets were returned to the Republic of India in the 20th century. It is pertinent to note that the French have kept the soft power alive and strong in their former enclave of … Continued

Mozambique Swimming with Dolphins Adventure Part 2

Mozambique Swimming with Dolphins Adventure Part 1 The skipper quickly gained our trust as he effortlessly negotiated the breaking waves. When clear, he cut-off the engines so we could remove our life jackets. And we all began our eager search for dolphins, and there they were, a pod of 14 bottlenose dolphins swimming close to … Continued

Mozambique Swimming with Dolphins Adventure Part 1

The real adventure began when we found ourselves lost in the sand dunes of Mozambique. On crossing over the Kosi Bay border in South Africa to Mozambique, one is confronted with mounds of soft white silky sand – in fact hills and valleys of the stuff. Someone’s car ahead of us had succumbed to the … Continued

Mozambique Hitch-hike

“I lost? No freaking way!” A Mozambican man in a stained vest and cheap sunglasses, rolling a matchstick in his mouth, had invited himself to play a card game with me. He had lost the game we had played, and his pickled, uncoordinated mind had left him confused. I had been sat on my rucksack … Continued

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