My Prayer Wheel in Tibet

My Prayer Wheel in Tibet

Miles off into the distance, atop a snow-capped mountain and beneath a clear blue sky, was a brightly colored two-story wooden Tibetan house where I was to spend my holiday week away from Beijing. I was fifteen years old. It was the winter of 1999. And I was oceans and worlds away from home – … Continued

Entering the Tibetan plateau, China

“Welcome to Tibet״  a monk wearing a dark rouge colored robe greeted us, at an alley outside Lābǔléng Sì in the city of Xiàhé. It was early afternoon, hundreds of monks just finished their prayer and lunch ritual, so most of the monastery’s streets were deserted. The low earth buildings that make up the monastery’s … Continued

Tibet: Finding freedom in an Unfree World

Four weeks. Four girls. Fatigue and frustrated. Our Backpacking trip through Northern India wasn’t meant to be a vacation. But when we coincidentally ended up in McLeodGanj, a peaceful region situated at the bottom of the Himalaya, we soon forgot about the previous annoyances every Backpacker experiences whilst traveling India. Scams, harassment, crowds, and dirt … Continued

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