Camping in Spain


Go Camping in Spain if You Want to Enjoy the Best of the Country

Spain is a fantastic country for spending a holiday in, but perhaps you aren’t yet fully aware of the different options open to you when it is time to arrange a family holiday there. For many families the best ways of doing this is by going to a campsite. So what can you do while you are away and take this approach?

Enjoy the Beach

One of the big differences between a family camping holiday and a break in a typical seaside hotel is that the campsite break isn’t as dependent upon the beach. Sure, you will want to spend some quality time here but it may be just one of many different attractions on offer, instead of the main reason for being there. This means that you won’t miss out on the sand and the warm water but you should feel freer to do more things as well. There are  lots of top camping sites in popular areas such as the Costa Dorada and the Costa del Sol.

Hit the City

Spain is filled with wonderfully vibrant cities and you might feel that the flexibility of this type of holiday lets you explore more of them than you would otherwise do. For example, many of the Costa Dorada sites leave you very well placed to explore the amazing food and outstanding shopping offered in Barcelona. In the North of the country, Bilbao and Santander might not be as well known among tourists but they are fascinating places to visit, with the likes of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the historical buildings in Santander being of great interest to many families staying in campsites such as Playa Joyel in Noja.

Enjoy the Food

There is no doubt that the food is one of the very top attractions in Spain. Tortilla de patata, paella, chorizo and Serrano ham are among some of the great foods you will find here. If you choose to stay in a hotel with an international restaurant you may miss out on the chance to chance to taste many of these local delights. In fact, in some of the most popular beach resorts there is so much food aimed at tourists that it is hard to find traditional Spanish fare at all. By going camping you can shop for local produce and make your own meals using them or go to places where you will find more traditional restaurants which are aimed at locals as well as tourists.

A True Family Holiday

The most important point of all is that you should look to enjoy a true family holiday in Spain. This means do a lot of interesting things together and coming home with lasting memories. This great country has a lot to offer your family in this respect and going camping is one way of making the most of it. By staying in this type of accommodation you will give everyone in your family the chance to feel as they are taking part in a break involves doing what they want to do. For a start, you will probably feel more tempted to explore the countryside and eat together than you would do in a hotel. This can lead to an active and shared holiday which you will all remember for a long time.

About the Author: Robert Bell is a passionate travel writer and writes for Eurocamp UK, the family holiday and camping holiday specialist in the UK.


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  1. There are some world famous places in SPAIN which are just breath taking. Alhambra , Mezquita of Cordoba , El Escorial , Aqueduct of Segovia , La Concha , Palacio Real. El Encierro or Running of the Bulls is such a great and most dangerous festival in which people have to run infront of BULLS.

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