Mexico: Gringa Finds Freedom in Guanajuato

The burning sensation in my thighs and glutes fades as I take in the scene before me. The thin, dry mountain air feels light and exhilarating. The wide open space makes me want to spin around and sing like Julie Andrews. Hiking these hills is one of the special perks of living here. This high … Continued

WSGT News: 31 Countries in our Contest & Our Book Launch

From Thirty-one Countries: We Said Go Travel Sent Tuesday, July 16, 2013View as plaintext We Said Go Travel Newsletter 30:  July 16, 2013 We Said: Independence Travel Writing Contest,  an International Success!   188 writers from Thirty-one countries participated  in our Independence Travel Writing Contest: Writers from 31 countries:  Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, … Continued

Rishikesh, India: Body and Soul

  RISHIKESH : WHERE BODY DISAPPEARS AND SOUL APPEARS Thats it. I decided at last. Having a last fleeting glance at the items  on the bed , I felt fresh and new. One pair of clothes ,a travel pouch , a towel , a pair of slippers , a novel , a notepad and a … Continued

Spain: Where my Soul Dwells Happiest

The scent of warm pine filling the air; dusty ground littered with browned needles that I scraped with sandal-clad toes as I rose and fell on the yellow painted metal see-saw; parents sat near-by with a jug of sangria as lizards skittered amongst the chairs. They say that smell is one of the stronger senses … Continued

Shackles Released in Sudan

On the day I left Philadelphia, I was consumed with stress and grief. So many things had happened to me and the children over the past three years. My mind could no longer comprehend and my heart was unwilling to be patient any longer. In fact, it no longer had the ability to withstand the … Continued

Italy: Finding Freedom In Footprints

Finding Freedom In My Grandparents’ Footprints In the summer of 1912 a young couple, Sabato and Palma, boarded a mule cart in their southern Italian town of Vallo della Lucania for the day-long journey to Salerno. From there a train took them to Naples, where they boarded a ship for a two-week ocean voyage that … Continued

Becoming the Mask: New Orleans, Myth and Masquerade

It’s early June and I am sitting pretty in my economy class seat, trying to hold back a grin. As my United Airlines flight descends towards New Orleans, I see the familiar brown, flat surface of Lake Ponchartrain. This is the same lake whose waters swallowed so many of the city’s neighbourhoods in 2005 during … Continued

Mauritius: Somewhere on the seaside

How far do you have to go to find freedom? In my case, I flew more than six thousand miles to my husband’s native country, Mauritius. During three weeks, he made me discover the people, the culture and the magnificent landscapes of this small island. Mauritius is not only a sandy beach as you see … Continued

New Hampshire: Live Free and Eat

New Hampshire: Live Free and Eat I never really thought about what New Hampshire’s state slogan, “Live Free or Die”, really meant to me. Perhaps it is the epitome of good memories and feelings I have from over 25 years of trips to Lake Winnipesaukee a.k.a. The Lakes Region. I am not there this July … Continued

Myanmar: Bagan Day One (video)

WATCH: 24 Bagan Day One, Myanmar (Burma) This movie is one of 45 movies from our 27 days in Burma in October 2012. On our first night in Bagan, we walked from Winner Guesthouse to see Hilo Milo at night. It was spectacular at night and we loved that the shopping was closed and there were … Continued

We Said Go Travel

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