Lithuania: My Perfect, Dirty Cow Pond

It had been a week since had I slept in a bed or taken a shower. Maybe more. I couldn’t remember. At five in the morning I found sleep elusive, so sat to watch a chicken in the rain. As I toyed with the idea of leaving the barn I had been trying to sleep … Continued

Fairbanks Alaska: Discovering Freedom

If you are interested in an independent, carefree vacation, consider Fairbanks, Alaska in the summertime. Alaska has always attracted people from the lower forty-eight and the rest of the world who have craved adventure and independence. Alaskans, all over the state, including Fairbanks are very proud of their past. Alaska became America’s forty-ninth state in … Continued

Australia: The Head of the Carpet Snake

I waited at my hostel on Magnetic Island, sipping my coffee and eating my breakfast, until my travelling companion for the day arrived. Our goal was Mount Cook, a 497-meter peak in the middle of the island. It rose from the ocean, thickly forested in numerous species of Eucalypt, and had no “official” trail to … Continued

Finding Freedom on That Mountain and This Moment

Freedom to a family who’s worn flip flops or been barefoot since March 2011 is a strange question. We feel free, and yet, ironically, trapped, just like, but so much differently than we did back home. We always assumed that when we hit the road everything would be different- the kids would never fight, my … Continued

Slovakia: The Wings of my Heart

I was born in the early eighties, under the iron curtain of a Soviet Union, in the country formerly known as Czechoslovakia. There weren’t any prospects of traveling abroad, if not taking in consideration the idea of going to our neighboring Hungary, or the former Yugoslavia. I was still really young, when the Soviet Union … Continued

“This Week in Travel” with We Said Go Travel

It was an honor to be included on “This Week in Travel” with Gary, Jen and Chris. Thank you for inviting us on your show! Gary Arndt is the man behind one of the world’s most popular, independent travel blogs. He has been traveling non-stop since March, 2007 and has visited over 60 countries and territories. Jen … Continued

Discovering Magaliesburg, South Africa

Discovering Magaliesburg, South Africa: where our prehistoric forefathers once stood What is it about a place that sets all our senses on heightened alert, infusing us with that wonderful feeling of unbounded elation? Could it be discovered nestling within ambrosial aromas, awe inspiring sights, or is it, perhaps, to be found amongst those mind-enhancing novel … Continued

Three Months in Thailand: One Year on the Road

Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey in Asia during this last year! We are really enjoying our trip! From our latest newsletter:  On June 27, we went to Nathon to extend our visas so we have another 30 days in Thailand for a total of three months. So if you are wondering … Continued

Philippines: Nagsasa Cove

As the former Prime Minister of India named Jawaharlal Nehru said “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. I don’t know how to describe the place because the word … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel