Nigeria: The Ruin at Old Oyo National Park

Nigeria: The Ruin at Old Oyo National Park

Nigeria: A visit to the Ruin at Old Oyo National Park Ever since I was born, I’m always thrilled with culture especially the culture I was born into (the Yoruba culture). I love the moon light stories of long past warriors; those that have made their footprints in the sand of time. Invariably, travelling and … Continued

Australia: Fishing for Zen

Although we didn’t have much light left because of the late start, the views were incredible and the company was great. A 15 minute barefoot walk had taken us out to the other side of the bay and our agenda for the night was simple: sunset fishing and beers. Clamouring over a series of large … Continued

Iran: B.O and Bad Breath

As the fourteenth country of the forty three that we would visit on our drive from Australia to Scotland, Iran was exciting and new; experiencing so many different ways of life in such a short period of time though we were becoming very used to adapting to cultural habits that we would usually find uncomfortable … Continued

China: Lost in Lu Xun Park

China: Lost in Lu Xun Park If I had been asked to paint Independence as a nineteen-year-old college sophomore, the resulting red-white-and-blue canvas would likely have featured George Washington riding a bald eagle with the US Constitution clutched in its talons. By that time, I naively fancied myself well-versed on the subject – I had … Continued

Brazil: I Heart Bahia

It was New Year’s Eve. The stems of wilted, white and golden roses washed up on the shore and tickled my feet, offerings for Yemaya (the Sea Goddess) from the people of Salvador, Bahia. Everyone was dressed in white. I watched as people threw themselves into the Ocean, some fully clothed. A pulsating Spirit permeated … Continued

France: A Princess for a Day

Once upon a time, Joan was a Princess for a day, in a country called France. Standing by the window, inside her castle, Joan could see the roses, nestled together in the garden below her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; it was the sweet scent of the roses. Oh, it was a … Continued

Running Away to Vienna

The week before I left the States for Vienna, I cried a lot. It all started when a professor came into my spring term class at university and said the German summer study abroad program was short on students. And he was providing scholarships. Next thing I knew I had dropped out of school for … Continued

Freedom Trekking Aussie Style

I just bought the ticket. Australia had been a life long dream, peppered with tales of wonder from all the Aussies I knew. A ten-day excursion did not seem right. Traveling half way around the world, anyone in his or her right mind should stay for an extended length of time. Personally, I had all … Continued

Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore

Bermuda: Same Ocean, Different Shore             Cruising down the wrong side of a foreign road, I searched for any indication of an approaching shoreline. Having spent the last three days peering over the top deck of a cruise ship, watching the massive boat slice through the Atlantic Ocean, I was eager to finally plunge into … Continued

Wind in Ushuaia

Travelling is a question of time. Freedom is also a question of time. Where these two intersect, you realize self-autonomy. It is late March, austral fall, and I find myself returning to what I thought I left behind in Canada, winter. I’m in Ushuaia, the capital and main port city of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego. … Continued

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel