Medellin, Colombia: City of Hope

Medellin, Colombia: City of Hope

“A woman was shot dead in this bar a few years ago” says my host brightly, passing me a plate of empanadas and a beer, “She was sitting right where you are now actually”. I resist the urge to leap out of my seat and head for the nearest airport. Medelllin, Colombia (pronounced Med-e-jin ) … Continued

In Iceland with Kids

My love affair with Iceland started after reading about it on a local blog. Until I read about it there, I always thought of it as a barren, cold, and inhospitable place and had no interest in visiting. But as I read it all, I began looking for more online. It took no time at … Continued

Tokyo, Japan: Samurais in Sacred Forests

Samurais in Sacred Forests “The Games of the 32nd Olympiad in 2020 are awarded to the city of … Tokyo.” As the megawatt city of 13 million residents looks to its future along its neon precincts of gadgets, video games and anime, this traveller to Tokyo is hankering for a tree change of the most … Continued

New Zealand’s Cave of Stars

The most awe-inspiring place I ever visited was the Waitomo Glowworm Cave, which lies beneath the rolling green hills in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand. There are 300 known limestone caves in this area, but only three of them are open to the public. To me the Glowworm Cave is … Continued

Lake Louise, Canada: Counting Stars

This was my first big trip abroad and everything seemed to be going wrong. Exhausted after an eight hour flight (and a three hour wait at Heathrow earlier that day) by the time I arrived at Vancouver airport I was ready for the day to be over. But it wasn’t, and would not be over … Continued

Georgia: Meeting Friends in Old Russia

We’re talking secret passageways here. Sitting in an attic room of a Georgian hostel, all stately dining room and foreign guests downstairs. She’s reading in the light of the sliver of open door from the hallway and from the bathroom, thinking that the bookcases in their bedroom should open up into another world, all made … Continued

Panama: The Sendero Los Quetzales Trail

Solo travel has its good moments. Standing at the start of the hiking trail ‘Sendero Los Quetzales’ in complete isolation, viewing the natural beauty of the sunrise over the hills of Boquette whilst listening to ‘Headstart to Happiness’ by Style Council was definitely a moment best enjoyed alone. However, getting here had not been easy, … Continued

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