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One of the perks of owning a credit card is the ability to utilize the rewards program and no program is more popular than those cards that allow for people to use those rewards to go on vacation. Despite the tumultueous years of a country and then global recession, travel and spending on travel have gone up for the fourth quarter of the previous year.

It has been no secret that employees need to take a vacation every once in a while; reports have stated that the number one reason people are dissatisfied with their work environment is that it interferes with the time they want to spend with their families. On the upside, it’s been proven that vacations are not only healthy for those that go, but for the businesses when these employees come back, more relaxed and more focused on the job at hand.

So you’re considering a vacation, but you want to be able to use the perks of a credit card to do so. What are some of the best airline rewards credit cards out there?

Overall, the best airline rewards card goes to the Capital One Venture card. Firstly, the card offers rewards on any travel miles or anything that is related to a trip you’re on. It grants 2 mile points for every $1 spent, which is a much better rate than more air reward cards. At $59 a year, this fee is waived for the first year and also includes 10,000 No Hassle Mile points as a bonus.

Best of all, for those that travel outside of their country, there’s no foreign transaction fee.

The next card is that of the Bank of America Travel Rewards card, which offers users the ability to use their reward points for anything related to travel, whether it be gas, hotel, car, or air fare. Offering some of the same perks the Capital One care has, the Travel Rewards card also comes up with a 10,000 point sign up bonus and offers 1.5 points for making purchases with the card. The difference here is that the Travel Rewards card has no annual fee.

Lisa-using-an-AtmIf you have a favorite airline you travel on, such as Southwest or British Airways, you may want to check in with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. Users can actually transfer their whopping 40,000 Chase points to the above mentioned airlines and two others, while also gaining 2 points for every $1 spent on travel or dinning and then 1 for every $1 on everything else.

The huge advantage on this card is the ability to book your travel through Chase’s own travel booking tool, which then gives 25% more on your current points.

These are just three of the different best airline credit cards you could consider; there are others that are business specific or even airline specific that can give you the points that you’re looking for. Perhaps the rewards are set, but the destination isn’t. There are also plenty of websites that can help you decide your next vacation and how to use those rewards.

If you’re interested in saving more for vacations or maybe even retirement, learn to compare CD rates online for the best in CDs and IRAs.

About the Author:  Jenna is a freelance writer who most often writes about personal finance and green living. When Jenna is not writing she is dreaming about travel or perhaps riding her bike.

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  1. To help decide which airline card (or other rewards card) will pay you the most in highest dollar-valued reward for your normal spending, you might be interested in checking a rewards calculator that will find the best card and best combinations of cards for your entered spending profile.

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