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El Chalten, Argentina; Food for the Soul


A short bus ride on from El Calafate; the road winds and bends through soft rolling hills and long ribbon lakes until the almost gothic peaks of the Fitzroy range start to become visible. El Chalten holds some of the most unclimbable peaks challanging even those who think everest is a walk in the park. […]

Navigating the World’s Chessboard in Colombia

DSC07574 (680 x 1000)

At the border between Colombia and Ecuador, there lies a cemetery so beautiful that they say it invites one to die. A place where sculpted green giants and doves watch over rows of flowers like Mother Earth’s sentries. I wander between the headstones at the topiary cemetery in Tulcán. Music drifts through the air as […]

Elevation Gain in Peru

Elevation Gain

We needed two days to get to the peak. Three, if you counted travel. We spent the night in Huaraz, Peru, a small mountain town in the Andes, and before the sun rose the next day we were in a van built for eight but filled with twenty Peruvians. Our bags were strapped to the […]

A Dream Come True in Guyana


Guyana has had an inspiration for me ever since I came to know about it in 1959 as a teenager. It was then called British Guiana, a name which is regrettably used, even now, by many folks, educated but ignorant of the world-wide explosion of freedom from colonialism in the last sixty odd years. Missionaries […]

Tiger’s Blood with the King of Hearts in Peru


As the driver overtakes a truck on a blind corner the old man beside me dabs his forehead with a handkerchief. There is a bunch of squawking flowers between his feet- two chickens tied together at the legs. We pass a derelict water park. Abandoned slides plunge into the thick green of a swimming pool. […]

When Time Stood Still in Argentina


When Time Stood Still in Argentina. It has been said that while travel may empty your bank balance, it fills your life with new enriching experiences and that is priceless. I have no regrets about my time spent travelling. Salta – known as “la linda”, the beautiful. This is true of this city in North […]

Bogota, Colombia Changed My Life


A heart strives off of dreams and encouragement in life. Whether someone believes they have a dream or not, everybody has hopes and desires. Despite the amazing truth in this, we still let so many things get in the way of us and our dreams. We don’t go out and explore the world or seek […]

Island of Surprises in Bolivia

Isla del Sol

After just a couple of days in La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, I was ready to leave the hustle-and-bustle of this vast, chaotic city and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on nearby island, Isla del Sol. Upon arrival, I took one look at the intimidatingly steep hill that stood before me and decided […]

Tambopata: Waltzing with Butterflies

Sunset Boat - 2

Tambopata: Waltzing with Butterflies Bleary-eyed and lethargic, we chug downstream through muddy brown waters as the cool morning air gradually lifts our heavy, squinting eyelids. The breeze is a refreshing change from the cloying heat we are used to and as our spirits are lifted by its tonic touch the boat becomes a chattier place, […]

Choosing When To Bloom in the Rainforest, Brazil


I rolled the seedpod around in my hand while Hugo positioned his frame to make for the best human trebuchet. Though I didn’t understand much Portuguese, the message that I “jogar como uma garota,” throw like a girl, came across clear. While he demonstrated how you must use your whole body to throw, I kept […]