WSGT contributing writers Part 6


We are very lucky at WSGT to welcome talented participants into our contests and most recently, the Travel Writing Award. As a way of saying “thanks,” we regularly feature contributing writers who display the WSGT Travel Badge. Our next Travel Writing Award opens on May 11th. We hope you will share your story!

WSGT's contributing writersSean Jungo

I hope my writing reinvigorates the desire to find joy in the everyday through new experiences and adventures. Travel is ultimately a reflection of how we view life itself and can be used to further our spiritual journey.

Favorite Place: Cascade Canyon Trail in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Perhaps it is the smell of the pines in the early morning dew by the lake. Perhaps it is the crisp mountain air. Perhaps it is the realization that a 800 pound grizzly bear might be hiding around every bend. Every footprint through this canyon brings a new experience and some of the most beautiful views in North America.

Sean’s writing

Alice Yousef
WSGT contributing writers

Over the years I have found that I do not only move in a place but it also moves me and this is why I enjoy travel writing. This has prompted me to take part in the travel contests. I find balance in nature and in writing. 

Favorite Place: Kyoto, Japan is by far one of my most favorite travel destinations. The ambiance of the city and its rhythm is very relaxing; the temples in the mountains are beautiful and each part of the city feels like a piece of art, like you are walking into a dream. I got to climb all the way to the top of Mount Inari under the thousand orange gates, surrounded by beautiful young women in Kimonos. It was pure magic.

Alice’s writing

WSGT contributing writersMarjorie Perlas

Storytelling is one of my favorite things and combining it with my passion for travel just makes it all the more special. Sharing my memories, reflections, and secrets I’ve uncovered during my adventures is something that I love and will continue doing. I write about places and things that excite me and experiences I want to share with anyone who will listen and I hope it inspires others to go out there and explore as well.

Favorite place: Rome: it’s like a second home to me. I love to reminisce and catch up with friends over a coffee or aperitivo. The best time to take a walk around the city is at night, when the attractions are lit up, it’s quiet, and no one else is around to obstruct the enchanting views.

Marjorie’s writing

The WSGT writing awards always ask participants to address a theme in their writing about a particular place. This allowed me to share my passion for Istanbul, and give readers a small glimpse beyond the tourist destination to the heart of the city. I aim for all my writing to be an experiential read, so the sounds, taste, touch and feel of a place are vivid and real.

Favorite place: As my home country is Australia and I now live in Europe, Bangkok has become my favourite city for a stopover. The typical tourist sights, like the Royal Palace, Wat Arun and the Sleeping Buddha are fabulous, but there are also endless little neighbourhoods to explore. It’s a really dynamic city, with fascinating temple complexes everywhere, tempting roadside food stalls, and lovely air-conditioned shopping centres to explore when you need a break from the heat.

Lisa’s writing

Thank you to all of our talented participants! WSGT wouldn’t be the same with you! Read Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 and Part 5.

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Caitlyn O'Brien

Caitlyn is a 26-year-old Canadian with a passion for travel, futbol, and more recently kayaking in her new Patagonian home: Futaleufú. She teaches English at a local school and loves turning her daily experiences into stories.

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