Travelling is Independence


driveIs travelling independence? Sure it is. Travelling is a journey, just like life is a journey. When you are travelling you are completely free, free from responsibilities of life and free from the influence of others. Independence is the equivalent of travelling, to be free from control, opinions and organization. But what place in the world, as a traveller, makes me feel free?

I know of various places around the world that I’ve visited that make me feel free. Although for me there are a select few that stand above the rest. Some are destinations so incredibly amazing, which I liked right from the get go.

Others are places I visited that I initially didn’t like but ended up staying. On the rare occasions of this happening, I ended up staying longer as these places were so amazing and I just couldn’t immediately see their true beauty at the start. This happens to a lot of travellers, where a place can grow on you and influence you in ways you never would have expected. A place that you hold close to your heart because the people are not just welcoming but genuinely kind hearted. They accept you for you, not for your size, weight, shape or colour, but for you being you and only you.

Annapurna-rangeThese are some of the best places you will ever visit, places that you’re feeling of freedom is intensified for all of the above reasons and many more. It’s wonderful to unearth these places and there is an abundance of them all over the world just waiting to be discovered by travellers.

That’s not just it though, I know of so many places in the world that humble me. But why do I continue onward when I discover such a place where I feel free? It’s not solely to discover more. It’s not to witness another array of beautiful sunsets or sunrises either side of the world on tropical beaches and mountain tops.

backyard-cairoThe reason is, because that’s not truly where I, as a traveller really feel free or independent.

When I and all travellers travel, we feed off the rush that we call Independence. To be independent of absolutely everything is our drug. We rely independently to get to where we are going, to see what we want to see and to do whatever it is we wish to do. For us travellers, there are of course those certain places (as I described) throughout the world we feel that freedom is intensified. But where a traveller truly and whole heartedly is free is not in just one city, town, suburb, state, region or country. It is on the journey between these destinations, upon the path that connects them. The path we create from being independent.

Annapurna-rangeThey say that “it’s not about the destination, but the journey” which in reality travel encompasses both the destination and the journey and true independence is the ability to do both; travel is a place of genuine independence not just for myself, but all travellers.

About the Author: Jaryd Krause left his home town of the Gold Coast, Australia in 2009 to seek a life of adventure. Starting with trips all over the world to snowboard, surf and scuba dive. He is also now into travel photography and writing. Check out his incredible work on Aus Globetrotter or follow him around the world on Facebook and Twitter.


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