Travel Photo Award FAQ

Thank you for your interest in our travel photo award. Below we list common questions we receive about the award which may help you in submitting your entry.

1) I sent my photo in two weeks ago. Why isn’t it published?

Please join the newsletter to have the most up-to-date information on our awards. It can take several weeks to months to get all of the amazing entries published on our site. You will receive a confirmation email that your entry was received and another one that lets you know when it will be live and online.

2) What is in a good title?

Please include the name of the country your photo was taken in as it helps us file your entry into the correct country list for our archives. Something catchy about why this picture caught your eye is always good for a title.

3) Where should my photo be taken?

A great photo can be from any destination.  You can travel far in your own backyard depending on your perspective. For our writing award, we have published nearly 2000 writers from 75 countries so anywhere you go is interesting to someone in our community!

4) What are you looking for in a photo?

Our site is G-rated and does not publish references to alcohol, drugs, sex etc. A good photo takes us into the destination. What do you smell/taste/hear/feel etc.

For our writing award we say that instead of “telling” the reader about a place, take them there instead. Your photo is worth 1000 words.

5) What should my photo be about?

We are looking for an inspiring travel-oriented image that shows us your experience in the world with great subject, composition, lighting, perspective and storytelling. It must be your original photo that shares the people, places or cultures you have encountered. Do not submit studio or commercial photos.

6) Does my entry need to have a story?

Yes, every photo needs to have information about where it was taken and how you took it. Only use your own personal photo. Travelers of all ages and from all countries are encouraged to participate. You may submit up to three photos for our first photo competition.

7) Can you give me personal feedback on my photo?

Please see our photo resources page for information on courses, classes and workshops. We will be publishing a series if articles on how to take a better photo.

8) Can I have a link to my photos in my entry?

Yes. In your entry, there is a section to list where to find more of your work. Please link to your website, social media pages, smug mug or wherever we can find more of your photography.

9) When do you announce the winners?

Please check the monthly newsletter for updates on when the photo winners will be announced. Photo Award Winners will not be announced until after all the entries are published on the site. We began publishing the Summer 2017 award entries in Feb 2018, it will take many months due to the large number of entries. We are currently publishing 3 entries per day.

Click here to see a list of winners from the We Said Go Travel writing competitions.

10) How much does it cost to enter the award?

For the Summer 2017 photo award, there is no fee. It is our first photo competition.

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