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Those of you who have ever been to Ireland, have ever had your grandmothers Irish stew, or tried out some fare from a local pub, know that Irish cuisine can be amongst the most delicious and hardy.  Although authentic Irish restaurants serving traditional Irish dishes can sometimes be hard to find, this list will give you a great place to start in each of America’s top ten cities. With St.Patrick’s Day coming up fast, now would be a great time to start thinking about where to celebrate! I know where I’ll be…do you?

Boston: Mr Dooley’s
The city most famous for its Irish roots, Boston has no lack of Irish pubs and restaurants. However, of you’re looking for a truly authentic and delicious Irish menu, Mr Dooley’s should be your first stop. Just east of the Financial District in downtown, this place is guaranteed to be lively all hours of the day.


Chicago: The Grafton Pub and Grill
Another Irish stronghold, Chicago is home to many of the nation’s best restaurants, and although it won’t break your budget, Grafton’s is certainly not to be ignored. Serving up their Irish menu to those looking for a taste of home, The Grafton should be a stop for any Irishman or women in Chicago.


DC: Fado Irish Pub
To be consistently picked as one of the best Irish restaurants and pubs in our nation’s capital is no laughing matter. That said, Fado has continually impressed its patrons, both regulars and new comers alike, for years. Feel like you’ve just set foot on Irish soil at Fado.


Houston: McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Although Houston, Texas may not be at the top of everyone’s mind for Irish heritage, don’t be fooled by the warm, dry weather. McGonigel’s Mucky Duck is a true Irish pub turned music venue that is nearly always packed. Listen to both traditional and modern Irish music as you tuck into your Guinness and Shepard’s pie. It may not be an all Irish menu, but you’re in Texas mind you.


Los Angeles: Casey’s Irish Pub
LA is no stranger to the Irish restaurant or pub, so if you find yourself on the opposite end of town, fear not. However, if you’re in the area, Casey’s combines a fun atmosphere and excellent food, serving all your traditional Irish dishes.


New York: Molly Shebeen
In the city with everything, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one Irish pub. But if you insist, Molly’s Shebeens Irish Restaurant has one of the most thoroughly Irish menus in the city. You won’t leave hungry.


New Orleans: The Irish House
If you’re sick of craw fish and catfish, head down to the Irish House. Their extensive and authentic menu has all the traditional Irish dishes you want. But for a truly unique experience, try one of the Cajun-Irish fusion creations.

Philadelphia: Kildare’s
Although a chain of  Irish restaurants, this one is an exception to the general rule. Their attention to detail has brought every aspect expected of a traditional Irish pub and restaurant stateside.


San Francisco: Johnny Foley’s
A strange mix as only San Fran can serve, this modern Irish restaurant has the traditional Irish dishes most would expect in addition to some more modern takes. Of course, the pub atmosphere has all the beers and drinks any good Irish pub should.


Seattle: A Terrible Beauty
Perhaps as far away from Ireland the continental US gets, you can still find some great Irish food here as well. Despite the name, this restaurant boasts some of the most authentic Irish fare and even an Irish market on premises.


No matter what city you find your self in, and no matter how desperate your situation, odds are you aren’t more than a short drive from a hot Irish meal.  Even if you aren’t near any of the restaurants suggested on this list, you should always be able to find another commiserator who has started their own Irish pub.


Do you have a favorite Irish Pub or Restaurant? Let us know! Leave a comment 🙂



Enda Glacken is a native of Ireland who loves writing on all topics relating to Ireland, particularly history and folk tales. When he is not busy running The Celtic Jeweller he can be found exploring around Ireland or on a football (soccer!) pitch somewhere.

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  1. We visit Irish restaurants across the US… The Black Rose in Boston has terrific food and live music. Raglan Road in Orlando for music and Irish dancers. Dublin Bay in Ames, Iowa serves the best filled boxty I’ve found outside Dublin. McGurk’s in St Louis has great food and an incredible outdoor patio.

    I could go on… and on… 🙂

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