The Flower Fields: Visit Carlsbad, California with We Said Go Travel


The Flower Fields, Visit California with We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel explored four exciting destinations in Carlsbad California. Where will you go first? See all the videos to decide:

California seems to have everything that anyone would want in a vacation.  Endless beaches to laze around, snow capped mountains to climb, the world’s tallest trees to admire and one of the hottest deserts to break a sweat in, as well as endless flower fields that dot the countryside.  These are just samples of what is on offer in the Golden State.

A destination that is popping up on the tourist radar is along the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego.  The town is called Carlsbad.  Here, there are many exciting activities to do, such as paddle boarding, surfing, visiting food museums and visiting Lego Land.  Another attraction that is gaining popularity is at the Flower Fields.

Carlsbad, California flower fields

The Flower Fields today are the last remnant of the floral capital of the USA.  Today, 40-50 flower pickers cut around 15,000 bunches a day from different flower varieties to sell around the country.  The flower farm originally started as a poinsettia farm on Hollywood Boulevard at the turn of the 20th century.  As the town grew, they were forced to move off the boulevard and out to where they’re at today.  Sadly, as time has progressed and the population expanded to where the farm is at today, the farm decreased in size.  Today, the farm is only a fraction of the size it used to be, but is still very impressive to say the least.

Since water along the coast is at a premium, the farm uses reclaimed water to water their flowers which means that it is drought resistant.  They use a drip irrigation system, coupled with electronic water sensors.  The combination of these two state of the art technology allows them to know precisely where they’re watering their flowers and how much they’re watering them.  This lets the irrigators know whether or not the farm actually needs water and if it does, how much they need.  This is very important when it comes to water conservation.

The flower field in Carlsbad, California

This year has seen the best bloom in the last ten years.  The El Nino rain has brought a sooner than normal bloom with colors that have not been seen in a long time.  Visit the flower fields in Carlsbad before this epic growing season ends.

The Flower Field’s information:

Address:  5704 Paseo Del Norte Carlsbad, CA 92008

Phone Number:  (760) 431-0352

Visit Carlsbad, California with We Said Go Travel by video: see the Museum of Making Music


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