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We wrote a previous article covering the more general aspects of Rise Boards and Klout scores here; but a change in scoring techniques and WSGT’s appearance on new travel board Twitter Activity Club deserves a more in-depth look!

Wherever your interests may lie, there is a Rise board to suit them! If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, create a brand new board. So what does RiseBoard do for you? It shows you who the most influential people are on a specific topic, for example: travel.

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#Travel1K Top 1000+ Travel blogs is the place to go in search of travel experts; people who live, breathe and talk travel. The board looks at several things for determining the influence a particular travel website has; bloggers are rated on their social media influence using their Klout score (50%) and their twitter conversations containing “travel” (50%).  Tweets containing “travel” are given a point, retweets by others of such a tweet are given 3 points and mentions in a tweet with “travel” earns 2 points.

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We Said Go Travel is currently #68 on the #Travel1K RiseBoard and #6 on the Twitter Activity Club board.

The Twitter Activity Club compares Twitter Activity on a weekly basis between members. 50% of score is given to your average daily number of tweets and 50% of score is given to the % increase in your average level from week to week.

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Some of the other more popular rise boards include the Parent Blogger Leaderboard which self-identifies as “a unique growth tool that enables bloggers to track and compare themselves against others in their field.” Bloggers can then use this as a leverage point to monetize their blogs. Another popular board is the UN Social 500 which “recognizes the UN’s social media champions.”

RiseBoard has quickly become a convenient tool for measuring influence and success compared to others in the same industry.

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