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Welcome to my new series: “TELL ME MORE ABOUT:” where I will be sharing resources from my favorite past adventures around our planet during this time when we cannot travel due to COVID-19. In the next weeks, I will share about all 10 trips in my recent article on Ms Magazine and I wanted you to have access to the photos, articles and videos that I produced from these experiences. For now, I hope you find inspiration until we can all begin to wander around the world again.

I walked with Polar Bears and Wolves at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge with Churchill Wild in 2018. It was one of my most amazing and memorable trips.

Polar Bear by Lisa Niver at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Churchill Wild
Polar Bear by Lisa Niver at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Churchill Wild

I wanted to share my articles, photos and videos in one post so you could easily learn more and get inspired to go someday!

Wolf seen near Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge by Lisa Niver
Wolf seen near Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge by Lisa Niver

Watch all of my videos from my Churchill Wild Adventures!

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and read about my adventures in Winnipeg which is a wonderful city full of art, history and culture!

Polar bear from Churchill Wild Walking Adventure by Lisa Niver
Polar bear from Churchill Wild Walking Adventure by Lisa Niver

I wrote about the Polar Bears from my visit with Dr. Petersen at the Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre, Winnipeg, Canada for Ms. Magazine. Click here to read: “Polar Bears Can’t Vote, So You Have To!”

Ms Magazine Polar Bears Can't Vote So You Have to

Read about this adventure in Ms. Magazine in my article: “10 Global Travel Adventures To Inspire Global Eco-Activism

Ms. Magazine 10 trips for global eco activism

“I hoped that someday I would see a Polar Bear in its natural habitat—but also assumed that I would be in a vehicle a safe distance away when I saw them. When I chose to go on an adventure with Churchill Wild at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, though, that wasn’t the case. Instead, I put on my borrowed boots and Churchill Wild coat and walked with our guides near wolves and polar bears. It was truly spectacular to be close to these giant creatures, and it reminded me, leading up to a pivotal election, how important it was for us to show up at the polls for the animals who can’t.”

USA Today 10best article by Lisa Niver about Polar Bears and Churchill WIld

Read my USA Today 10best article: “Clear your mind in these open spaces made for exploring” about “Fifty percent of the world’s population lives on just 1% of the Earth’s surface.  That leaves plenty of wide-open, uncrowded spaces to explore.  Taking a break from the hustle and bustle can help you find a new perspective or ease your troubled mind.  Here are a few places where you can get away from it all.”

Thank you to BoredPanda for publishing my story about walking with the animals which includes several of my polar bear videos and my article only about walking with Polar Bears.

Find more photos in this Facebook album from my trip! These photos appeared across my social on Twitter and Instagram as well.

Arctic Landscape with Polar Bear by Lisa Niver
Arctic Landscape with Polar Bear by Lisa Niver

My We Said Go Travel articles also appeared on the Jewish Journal:

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Happy Birthday Lisa Niver 2018

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