Fun at the Los Angeles Zoo with the Safari Society!


Photo by Jamie Pham
Photo by Jamie Pham

Thank you to the Los Angeles Zoo and the Safari Society for an evening of up close experiences with unique animals and an outdoor dinner BBQ.

See more from the 2016 Sunset Safari event in our video below.


What is the Safari Society?  The Zoo says:

Safari society donors are a sophisticated group who share a deep appreciation for wildlife, concern for animal welfare and for the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats worldwide. Participants are offered docent-guided cart tours, VIP events, donor recognition and much more. This upper-level annual giving program is a mainstay of the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The Safari Society allows donors at a range of giving levels to help advance the education and conservation programs, provide care to the animal and plant life exhibited here, and enhance the visitor experience.”

Kids stroll at the Sunset Safari
Kids stroll at the Sunset Safari 2016- photo by Sage Porter


Photo by Jamie Pham
Photo by Jamie Pham

What was the best part of the night?

Wyatt said “My favorite part of the Sunset Safari was Taffy the Sugar glider!”

Gillian said “I really like the tarantula in my hand. It tickled and it felt cute.”

Photo by Jamie Pham
Photo by Jamie Pham

Sage said “I can’t stop thinking about that amazing scorpion glowing in the blacklight.  What a sight!  But maybe Elmo was my favorite, he was really a cute armadillo 🙂 ”

Scorpion in blacklight photo by Sage Porter
Scorpion in blacklight


Elmo the three banded armadillo
Elmo the three banded armadillo- photo by Sage Porter

Would you like to come next time? Learn more about Safari Society from Nancy Simerly.

Photo by Jamie Pham
Photo by Jamie Pham

More information about the Sunset Safari

We loved seeing the animals at the zoo! Pictured here: Mountain tapir, Maned wolf & sloth. Thank you Safari society.

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