Exploring the Enchantment of Loreto: A Magical Mexican Pueblo

A Perfect Storm in the Sea of Cortez

The kayak in front of us climbed up the face of a steep six foot swell and disappeared down the other side. My heart pounded, my stomach churned, and I couldn’t help but think of the movie, The Perfect Storm. Remember that fateful scene with the fishing boat, the Andrea Gail, trying to make it … Continued

Ambling on the Baja

Ambling is an art. Instead of rushing to experience every new sensation, ambling is the art of slowing down. The slower you go the more time, the more experiences and the fewer regrets you have. Until settling in Loreto, Baja California Sur, I never understood the value of ambling and the many ways in which … Continued

Loreto Bay National Marine Park

The Sea of Cortez is so large that the conquistador, Hernán Cortez, thought it was the ocean. Sometimes it is sapphire, bluer than the sky and deep, as if penetrating the skin’s surface and merging with the sea in me. Near the shore, the Sea often exposes the rocky beaches it covers like a jade-green … Continued

Mexico: Bahia de Kino, The Foundation Part 1

Three years ago while my wife and I traveled around the world for a year, we spent some time in the Mongolian capitol of Ulaanbaaatar before heading into the emptiness of the Gobi Desert. While roaming the streets of the capitol one afternoon, we ran into a Canadian miner at a video game store.  He … Continued

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