An excursion to Olumo Rock in Nigeria

Nigeria: Almajiris Up North

A traveler to northern Nigeria unavoidably notices them. They live an incredibly exceptional life and survive in the crudest and most unusual manner. Pervading almost every street, they tread smooth roads and coarse terrains scavenging for eatables with which to quench their famished tummy. Their clothes, rather rags, barely cover their sagging, rash-pervaded bodies. With … Continued

Nigeria: Nature’s Romance

I always wondered when Frank told me that the sun kissed the earth. He kept at it though, chiding me for not knowing such a simple thing. I asked him, Is it the same type of kiss that people kiss? He laughed till he ended up coughing and his eyes almost jumped out of his … Continued

Igbele, Nigeria: Outreach for a Reawakening

In my just concluded undergraduate life, every year I had the privilege to visit a local community not to far from my university campus. We usually went to different communities as part of my Christian fellowship’s evangelical outreach, back then in school. Each year, we spent about four days with the villagers in a different … Continued

Nigeria: Discovering Akoo

It was a very long journey travelling from Abuja to my hometown. I was only six years old. We arrived at the village at about 3:30pm. ‘Big Mama’ as we fondly called my grandmother was there to give a warm reception. Exchange of pleasantries with relatives and other neighbours with series of ‘welcome’ that filled … Continued

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