Such Is Life in Australia

Such Is Life in Australia

Undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of my five week trip to Australia last summer was in Melbourne where on a free walking tour we heard about Ned Kelly- one of the most famous figures in Australian history and a national hero. He is best described as the ‘Australian Robin Hood,’ who caused much … Continued

Chilling in the Yarra, Australia

You’ve seen photos of those monkeys in Japan, fur frosted with icicles, warming themselves in the hot springs. That’s what I’m reminded of on a sweltering day in the Yarra River at Warrandyte, a suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne. Groups, couples, families, people with dogs: they’ve all wandered down the path from the main … Continued

Australia: The Second Shade of Blue

I’ve never seen anything so blue. The azure ocean stretched into an endless sky that filled my overwhelmed eyes. I soaked in the salty air, letting the breeze comb through my auburn hair as it murmured to me. The Twelve Apostles stuck out in random chunks across the shallow ocean floor. The majestic rock formations … Continued

Belgrave, Australia?

by Amberly Young I’ve been working in Melbourne for the last 3 months as a kitchen-hand, stuck in a tiny room with a grumpy Israeli cook. My boyfriend James has been walking door to door, passing out government funded energy saving products six days a week. It’s been rainy and cold and we are both … Continued

Freedom Trekking Aussie Style

I just bought the ticket. Australia had been a life long dream, peppered with tales of wonder from all the Aussies I knew. A ten-day excursion did not seem right. Traveling half way around the world, anyone in his or her right mind should stay for an extended length of time. Personally, I had all … Continued

Melbourne, Australia: Be Brave and Busk

The heavy red curtain falls to the ground. It’s intermission, and the audience spills out of the Center Stage Theatre, buzzing from the musical energy of the show. A 9 year old in a little pink dress, her mullet haircut askew in a rainbow headband, struts confidently in front of her entire extended family, and … Continued

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