8 Interesting Things to Do in Manchester

Peel Tower

8 Interesting Things to Do in Manchester

Manchester is a great jump-off point for a European vacation. Vacationers can fly direct from New York, Miami, Orlando and Las Vegas and then hop on to other popular tourist destinations like Turkey, Spain, Greece, the Canary Islands and other countries on Thomas Cook flights. But before you move on to the other spots, first … Continued

Manchester: Alone Away From Home

I was twenty-three when I moved from Montreal to Manchester to pursue my Master’s degree. It was my first time living overseas. It was my first time living away from home at all. Twenty-three is late, especially when you consider the number of teenagers who leave home in search of freedom, growth, and independence at … Continued

Canada: The World on the Road with Peggy

The very best thing about the one place that we feel the most freedom is that it is not just one place…it is everywhere we go. Our freedom does not come in the shape of a country, a city, a town. Not a valley, a forest or a waterfall, its not even on the top … Continued

What’s On in Theatre this Autumn: Manchester

Manchester is home to some fantastic theatres which frequently attract some of the most popular acts, musicals and plays through their doors. From the Lowry Theatre to The Bridgewater Hall, as the nights draw in Manchester can offer a wealth of productions and performances to satisfy the cultured soul this autumn. Whatever your artistic taste, … Continued

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