When time stands still in India

When time stands still in India

WHEN TIME STANDS STILL Are you tired of driving down the dusty roads, tiring treacherous mountain treks, swooshing down the snow laden hills, cold night camping in the woods, watching historical monuments or flirting with disastrous waves? The best alternative is heading to the laid back, coastal village of Alleppey, Kerala in India for a … Continued

Tripping down Asia’s Memory Lane: My Top 10

I have never understood how anyone can like January. The sad, sinking feeling caused by limp, leftover tinsel hanging in shops, braving the dreary weather without any promise of a mulled wine stop, realising that everyone you know has vowed to lose weight, save money or quit drinking- it is a real slog of a … Continued

Virgin Hills of Munnar, India

Munnar, often called the “Switzerland of India,” beckons tourists to visit and re-visit to relax in its breathtaking natural beauty. A hill station at 1600 meters above sea-level, Munnar is the meeting point of three mountain streams and is situated in Idukki district of Kerala in the Western Ghats of South India. The picturesque town … Continued

Rosy minutes in Varkala, India

Like most countries, India’s north and south are worlds apart. While Delhi and Jaipur pedestal grand architecture and royal palaces, Kerala boasts that it is ‘God’s Own Country’. And it is as though God himself has picked this tiny part of the world for His own. The rice paddies, the tea plantations, the coconut groves, … Continued

Periyar Tiger Reserve: Exploring Kerala’s Jungle

Kerala is a travel destination with a lot going for it. It was the breadth of landscape in this one small South Indian state that constantly surprised me and filled my one month there with such variety even though I wasn’t clocking thousands of travel miles. Bus journeys of only a few hours will take … Continued

Kerala, India: The Place that Makes Me Feel Free

The more I travel, the more I realise that my feelings about somewhere do not only come into being because of that ‘place’. My feelings about the cities, towns, beaches, and villages where I end up on my journeys are shaped by the locations I visited immediately beforehand, by the anticipation of the places that … Continued

Exploring #Kerala, India: God’s Own Country

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Zamira Rahim from America. Thanks for your entry Zamira! Come July, it is worth visiting Kerala for the rain alone. The monsoon is a spectacle; humid, dramatic and drawing the human eye.  Small wonder then that Indian rain features so prominently in the backdrop of … Continued

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