Cape Town, South Africa: When Fight Means Flight

Welcome to South Africa

My legs burn like ovens, and I sit, drinking in the view, ignoring the pain. Two hours of plodding up Table Mountain, up the stone stairway for giants, my knees rising to my chin, my hands scrambling; fit, young fathers with babies in backpacks striding past me; me striding past chubby teenagers and middle-aged hippies … Continued

South Africa: When Lovers Unite

It was May 17, 2012 when my five best girlfriends and I would embark to the far reaches of South Africa as bridesmaids and bride, to rejoice in the celebration of something beautiful. The excitement that filled our hearts was beyond anything I’d ever felt. Three plane rides, twenty two hours of travel time and … Continued

South Africa: The ‘Berg

Two years ago I boarded a plane by myself to South Africa. I ignored my friends who called me crazy, and as much as I appreciated the concern from my family, I did not hesitate when I pressed the confirm flight button. Two weeks later, I found myself staring out the airplane window, minutes before … Continued


South Africa: An Alternative Weekend for Me

This is an entry in the We Said Go Travel Writing Contest written by Melissa Coleman from England. Thanks for your entry Melissa! After just 2 hours in The Green Elephant hostel, Cape Town, I met an American group who invited me to join them for their hike up Table Mountain. Sunday morning soon arrived as … Continued

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