Superman saved my Girl Scout Troop!


Behind the scenes filming for Superman! Thank you to Stephanie Antin and her mom for taking, saving and sharing these photos! I love the size of the camera! I am in the far left corner of this photo from 1978.

In 1978, my girl scout troop was invited to be part of Superman The Movie! We met in the early morning one Wednesday in February at Roscomare Road School and went in two vans to the location for filming. We had two studio teachers because we had to have three hours of school. I mainly remember that we screamed a lot! Our scene was that we were hiking and there was an earthquake by the Hollywood Sign and Superman came to save us! We filmed by three big letters “OLL!”

Warner Brothers’ Superman film was the first blockbuster superhero movie.  It is really the grandfather of all the comic book superhero movies that have appeared over the last forty years.

Director Richard Donner on set with Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen, Jackie Cooper as Perry White, Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, and Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent.
Photo from WarnerBros

At the time of its release in December 1978, it was the most expensive movie ever made, but the high cost was rewarded, as the movie proved to be a massive hit with both critics and audiences. The following year, Superman received three Academy Award nominations, and won a Special Achievement Oscar for visual effects. 40 years later, it still stands as one of the most successful films in Warner Bros. history. “

Who was on the Caped Wonder Superman podcast?
Jim Bowers, Jay Towers and nine from our Girl Scout Troop including: Barbara Carmack, Debbie Newman, Leslie Howard, Lisa Niver, Lisa Klein, Renee Onderwyzer, Sharon Gamer, Stephanie Antin and Stephanie Massman

Watch our scene which is now available in this YouTube clip below and was on the extended version on TV and Blu-ray. When we went to see the movie, we expected to be in the original film but were told we ended up on the cutting room floor. BUT NOW! We are back in the film! Jim Bowers told us we are part of POP CULTURE HISTORY!

See our troop at 1:50!

Lisa Niver on the podcast with her girl scout self in the upper left corner!

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Earthquake’n Hollywood Hike April 19, 2020 • 32 minIn Episode 24, Jay Towers and Jim Bowers reunite 9 Girl Scouts from Superman: The Movie. These are the girls scouts who should have never been hiking during an earthquake. Cut from the 1978 theatrical cut, these ladies had the shock of their lives, when they showed up on the ABC-TV two night event in 1982. Now widely available in the Superman The Movie: Extended Cut, these Girl Scouts can be seen once again, and are all grown up with a SUPER story to tell.

Every one of the Girl Scouts wrote a report about our day on set with SUPERMAN! You can read mine below. Thank you so much to Sharon Gamer Lawson for saving these and sharing them with us!

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