Save Your Phone: Baidu to the Rescue!


bIf you are like most guys out there on the run with your smart phone you glance down only to see your battery is down to 30% and it is not even 11AM!  Yes, the joys of having apps that take up a ton of energy like Facebook, watching Hockey or Basketball on the TSN app or perhaps just streaming uninterrupted music on Songza to keep you going.

I have tried a variety of accessories to help me stay charged for the day including external  batteries, to extension cords so I can stay plugged in longer.  The problem with these devices isit is really just a band aide solution and not really solving the real issue at hand,  which is the power management of our electronic devices. Unlike other components of the smart phone or tablets, the battery really hasn’t changed much.

Well now, there is an app called DU Battery Saver, which was produced by Baidu Mobile Apps.  Baidu has their interests in having you powered longer so you are able to stay connected and their revolutionary power management app does just that. DU Battery Saver has functionality for monitoring power usage, shutting down wayward and power hungry apps, and offering suggestions for optimizing performance.

The Battery tab gives you a summary of battery stats, including temperature and voltage, it also has the OPTIMIZE button that tries to optimize power usage using a combination of techniques and settings. This tab on the DU Battery Saver is where majority of the users will spend.

However there are some other incredible functions to be learned.The Saver tab is where you get to fine tune exactly how DU Battery Saver optimizes battery performance. This tab allows you to set up “power profiles” that let you batch settings together, like disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The PRO version of the app, lets you quickly switch modes depending on situations. In the free version, you’ll have to manually change the various profiles.

The Smart tab is the essence of DU Battery Saver’s functionality. This is where you can configure which apps to minimize or disable when power usage is optimized. You can also schedule changing of modes according to time or to battery levels, though these features are available only on the “pay to play”. One particular feature you won’t find in the majority of battery saver apps is Phone Cooler. As the name implies, it monitors your phone’s temperature and shuts down apps that raise the heat too high.

The regular power management of the DU Battery Saver can result in extending your mobile device’s battery by up to 50% and the DU Speed Booster apparently can increase your device’s speed up to 60%.  If you are looking for a basic power management system, then the free app will be perfect for you.  However if you are a power user, the PRO version is were you will really see the results in maximizing your phone so you can stay on the go longer. Baidu Mobile Apps’ DU Battery Saver can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store. A PRO version is also available for unlocking all advanced features for just $2.99.

Brought to you by Baidu Mobile Apps.

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