Santa Barbara, California: The Place I feel Free!


Everybody wants to feel independent. Everyone has their place that they feel that once in a life time feeling. Well, that place for me is the outstanding Santa Barbara, California. I love the feel of freedom that just overcomes me when I get to look at the beautiful beaches and the clear, blue sky. Feeling what I feel right then is difficult to put in to words.

The Santa Barbara beaches have always been a place where I can just let go of all my worries and breathe in that ocean air. It has always been amazing when I stand on top of a huge rock and look up at the sky or down at the big, blue sea. It’s always been so refreshing and restoring. Whenever I go to the amazing “Golden State” beaches, it feels like I could be anyone and do anything. The best part is when I get to see wildlife and really take in what the Almighty has given to me and to everyone.

Another thing that makes me feel independent while I’m in Santa Barbara, is the landscape and the buildings. While we drive by the rural areas, you can see beautiful hills and plants and the occasional house or small town. But the thing that pulls me in the most is the mountains. You could be almost anywhere in California and look around and see the marvelous mountains. It just takes my breath away.

Santa Barbara is one of the most free, independent, self-ruling places I have ever been. The beaches, mountains, hills, plants, and the wonderful wildlife is just so fascinating to me. I have never felt so individualistic in a state in almost my entire life. That’s where I feel independent!

About the Author: My name is Emily and I’m 11 years old. I live in Ohio. You can contact me on Instagram: soccerchick6_emily


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