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Small town on Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a mystical peninsula in Greece that many Greek gods and heroes used as their playground. Today, many historical sites such as temples, cities, palaces and fortresses are scattered across the landscape as far as the eye can see. Alongside the historical sites, snow capped mountains dominate the skyline along with vineyards, farms and citrus groves. Hospitality is at the forefront of society today and the Mediterranean cuisine is among the best in Europe. For centuries, perhaps even millenniums the Greeks fought to the death for this peninsula nirvana. Today, the Peloponnese people welcome tourists with open arms, wanting to show off their little piece of heaven.

The peninsula is many times mistaken as an island but is connected to the Greek mainland in two places. There are many ways to get to the peninsula, the most popular being a short ferry ride from Athens to the east and via road in the far north. Once on The Peloponnese, small and charming towns older than the USA open their doors for business in the spring and summer along the Aegean, Ionian and Myrtoon Seas and are full of history. The most famous historical city on The Peloponnese is Olympia, where the first Olympic games were held almost 3,000 years ago. Besides hosting the first Olympics, The Peloponnese is home to Sparta, made famous by gladiators that defended the peninsula for centuries.

The most popular method of attacking Greece and the peninsula in particular was to sail there. Hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, invaders sailed across the Aegean sea to the peninsula. Like the invaders years ago, sailing is still the most popular way of seeing this beautiful part of the world. Unlike thousands of years ago, locals embrace tourists with open arms, wanting to show off their historically rich part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing Greece and Peloponnese in particular is on the checklist of places to sail for sailors all around the world. The country as a whole is world renowned for the scenery, cuisine, history and hospitality of the people whom inhabit the area.

Sailing the Peloponnese coastline


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