The Best Four Ways to Tour Central Park


The Various Ways You Can Tour Central Park

An iconic city park planned by notable landscape architect Fredrick Law Olmstead, Central Park is one of the most notable parks in the entire world. An incredible 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide, the park takes up an area of 843 acres in one of the most densely crowded urban centers in the world. Highlighting the unique geology that has nearly been covered up by development, touring Central Park can be an excellent way to view this piece of natural paradise in a brick and concrete jungle. Below, we look at the various ways you can tour the park, including walking tours, bicycle tours, pedicab tours, and horse & carriage tours.

Central Park Walking Tours1.  Central Park Walking Tours

The most common way to experience Central Park is through a central park walking tour group.  Walking tours are the least expensive touring options. They offer the greatest amount of variety and can often take on special themes. For example, along with general tours, you can take tours looking at the history of the park, at the geology, at iconic features, and even Pokémon Go tours. 

Central Park walking tours can last for a few hours and can typically be booked last minute. They are generally highly rated and it is difficult to go wrong unless your tour guide is unfamiliar with the park or otherwise not engaged. If nothing else, the Central Park walking tours let you discover the hidden treasures of the park with a skilled and experienced guide. The one downside to the Central Park walking tours is that they require a lot of walking. If you are in decent shape, then this will not be an issue. However, if you have mobility issues, then you may want to consider one of the many options listed below. 

Central Park Bicycle Tours2.  Central Park Bicycle Tours

While walking can be fun, biking can be more fun. Biking allows you to more quickly tour the park. When a part of a Central Park bicycle tour, you will be able to see more of the park than you would if you were on foot. You also save a lot of time as you navigate from impressive destination to impressive destination. 

One of the downsides of Central Park bike tours are that they can take a little time to sign in and may require you to book in advance. That being said, they are still a relatively affordable way to see the park. Review companies online before you arrive in the city. Check to see what their customer service and support is like, as well as how quickly they can get going. 

Another benefit of Central Park bike tours is that depending on the company, you may have the ability to continue renting the bike after the tour is complete. This means that you will be able to navigate the streets of NYC and visit many of the other iconic sites without having to pay for transportation. Whether or not this is an available service offered by the bike company will be listed on their website.  Peddle through the park and explore everything it has to offer with one of the many Central Park bike tours.

Central Park Pedicab Tours3.  Central Park Pedicab Tours 

A pedicab is a bike with large seats in the back for riders. Pedicabs are decently popular in New York City and are an excellent way to tour Central Park. There are dozens of Pedicab Tours available that will take you through Central Park. Be sure to review the Pedicab touring companies before you arrive in the city so that you can find one that sees the things you want to see.

Pedicabs provide a unique and personal experience that you will not get with other types of Central Park touring. Pedicab tours mean a more intimate experience between you, and the driver. Letting you sit back, relax, and enjoy the sites, you can back seat navigate and request specific destinations. While there are many Pedicab services that provide tours on the spot, booking one in advance is the best way to make sure one is free and available when you arrive. Take a Pedicab tour in the fall and witness the beautiful foliage and colors of the park.  Along with touring Central Park, some Pedicab tours will also take you to other parts in the city as well. 

4.  Central Park Horse & Carriage Tours

Last but not least, consider the iconic Central Park horse drawn carriage tours. The most expensive option, the tours last between 45 minutes to an hour and a half. The best way to save money and guarantee a ride ahead of time is to book in advance. It is not uncommon for horse drawn carriage rides to sell out. If nothing else, a horse drawn carriage ride is an immensely romantic and classy way to view the park. 

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  1. Horse & Carriage Tours are well worth it if you’d like to add some romance to your visit! TIP: If you are in a popular area and see quite a few carriage horse, you can try to politely negotiate the original price!

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