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imageIn a world with almost 200 countries, thousands of cities, and billions of people, the travel possibilities are endless. There are simply too many places for one person to see in a lifetime, so prioritizing travel locations is a must. The best places to travel should include a strong sense of culture, be financially reasonable, provide a safe experience, and leave visitors with a longing to return. In my personal journeys, which are barely extensive compared to other international travelers, I have found my perfect place in Salisbury, England. Buried in the midst of England’s countryside, Salisbury meets all the criteria that appeals to prospective travelers.

When I first got off of the bus that brought me to that quaint city, I was immediately enveloped in culture. It was if I had left the 21st century behind me and stepped into the streets of London in Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. While the people may not be dressed in historical garb, the buildings and attitude of the town take visitors back to England’s roots. I was first greeted by what looked like a farmer’s market, the center of the city bustling with vendors and shopkeepers. Ducks and pigeons waddled around a small pond in a park nearby, and a small river ran under bridges and wound around streets, creating a beautifully romantic and tranquil environment. Old-fashioned buildings lined the walkways, and the variety of shops added to the bustling town center. Compared to my previous days in London, Salisbury was a relaxing city full of kindhearted people. During my time there, though it was short, I was able to get a strong sense of the people’s way of life and see a perfect example of the culture of the English countryside.

Besides offering a glimpse at the town’s nostalgic culture, Salisbury also appeals to visitors because it easily fits in a traveler’s budget. Various modes of transportation to Salisbury from London are available, some of the most common being taxis, buses, or trains. A train from London only costs £37 to £61, about $61 to $101, a reasonable fare for travel in England. Upon arriving in Salisbury, lodging is also a simple expense, with hotels right in the heart of the city for a price as low as £40 or $68. Dining, another necessity for a person’s stay, offers many options. Numerous restaurants, bakeries, and cafés, many of which are unique to the town itself, have a wide range of options for good prices. Thus, it is easy to justify a vacation to Salisbury for a traveler on a budget.

Safety is also another major concern for travelers, particularly for a groups of women or younger students. Because of its low-key atmosphere and welcoming attitude, Salisbury provides a comforting and safe place for those looking for the England experience. Salisbury is a place to go to take a breath. It’s a town that exudes peace through a mix of quiet, laid-back days and warm, friendly citizens. When I was there, I wasn’t constantly worried about being pick-pocketed as I had been in London simply because the threat was significantly minimized. Safety seems to be a priority of the people of Salisbury, creating a place of ease and relaxation for otherwise weary travelers.

Additionally, Salisbury has plenty for tourists to see and do. Not far from the famously unbelievable Stonehenge and only a car or train ride away from similarly small towns, Salisbury leaves travelers with a desire to come back again. Soon after I had to leave this charming place, I wished I could go back. I was continuously drawn to the picturesque city, as if a the moment I stepped foot on Salisbury soil a magnet had been implanted in the depths of my soul. That magnetic pull was and is so strong that I still look back at pictures, reminisce about my time there, and long to be apart of the city’s culture. A part of Salisbury will never leave me, and I hope someday that my path will lead me there again.

About the Author: Emily Macdonald, a 17 year old student with a passion for learning, reading, writing, and traveling, enjoys sharing her thoughts through language. She is involved with leadership and journalism at her school, and she encourages those around her to venture out into the world and explore all that’s there.
Name: Emily Macdonald

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