Russia: “Touching the magnificent city of Moscow.”


moscow russiaHow could a place in northern Euroasia fettered by cold air, so soft and warm shows its beauty through exotic building, which scratched with thousand of history, full of meaning, and have value to its own gold in every location?

Oh Russia! you be the largest country that greets the world with its beauty. He dares to arrogantly told loudly and declared that he was so beautiful, so magnificent, so captivating. This country incised a wide range of places artsy, unpretentious town with beautiful architecture structure. First, He has Novgorod, city knights. Second, Magnificent city of St. Petersburg, with its legacy of history, the arts, its striking beauty, and third, he has Moscow, beautiful city which became the only capital city which has a tremendous beauty, with the buildings architecture Romanesque and Gothic style, arranged and well maintained. Beautiful, and classic.

That’s how I fell in love with Russia, especially the capital, Moscow. This swing was heavy breath, when told about Moscow. Heart rate seemed to want to stop, let the greatness city of Moscow rake every a beautiful creations. How I fell in love with downtown Moscow Kitay Gorod, where the Kremlin and Red Square are on it. Kremlin, classic and beautiful. Accompanied by the Cathedral of St. Basil makes Kremlin became legendary. Yet again, the red square is juxtaposed with the beautiful old buildings, as if to say that the Red Square is always “live” day and night. Moscow so inspiring everyone to spend the rest of his time there. Their beauty is not lost by rain and did not recede by heat.

Collaboration beauty moscow, also carried by the magnificent Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyiy universitet ( MGU ) that look so pretty towering buildings typical of Stalin’s regime . MGU building is the largest building in Moscow . He become the one of the seven main building, skyscrapers.

Not perplexed the moscow city boasted beauty, even to the station in the city is laid out so pretty made combination of a palace. I want to walk down the station throughout Moscow. It seems to want to spend the night on the marble Smolenskaya subway station. Nearly three-quarters of its walls clad in marble ornament, very beautiful. A five-star luxury combined with typical Russian Orthodox church ornaments. Likewise Arbatkaya station, which was finished giving his charm to anyone who wishes to visit. The station is wrapped by the beauty of the interior edifices curve. The floor is clean, dark brown natural marble, make people envious want to go though only to a station Arbatkaya Russia moscow.

No word of regret, to people who’ve been to Moscow. Even the birds are always going from one country to another was respectful with Moscow’s beauty. That’s why it seemed to be eager to go to Moscow to see the whole of what is there wrapped by a very stunning beauty.

Te a mo* Moscow. Falling in love is deeper, especially of the vast developing its Christian Orthodox in Russia, Islam was born as the second largest religion. For the first time, how different religions in a country, can walk hand in neat and harmonious.

I think I want to travel to a mosque in Moscow, which will create serenity, in the middle of a very European-style architecture, which will be wrapped with the solemn chanting of Al Quran, which reverberate there. I want to know, how the beauty of the mosque there, wrapped breath of Islam, to its adherents

People say, there are five mosques in Moscow, including the Balsoi Tatarski Mosque, mosque Prospet Center Mira, then there is a mosque in the museum complex struggle Kutuzovski, and two other mosques located in Otradnoye Rayon. What is interesting in Rayon Otradnoye, it is the fact that the mosque, located in a complex places of worship of other religions, it means that the mosque side by side with the Orthodox Church and Synagogue. Oh how beautiful Islam is present there.

Of the five mosques, religious places I most wanted to visit was Moskovsky Soborni Mechet (moscow mosques) who can prove that in Moscow there really is a mosque. How the turquoise-colored building, towers sickle tapered with rounded edges, it is formed into a unified whole of the grand mosque for Muslims in the city of Moscow, the largest mosque in the five mosques. Heart felt desire is already booming uncontrollably want to go to Moscow, a place which will give a lot of inspiration and religious values, which is high.
If I can touch the beauty of Moscow .

*it means I love you

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