Dreaming of South Korea


Aviary Photo_130368083940981037I was once told that I could never be where I am now. Now I am being told that I can never go to where I want to be. To breathe air from a different part of this earth and feel foreign soil before my feet, to interact with others who are not quite like myself and who have lived experiences that one could only dream. This is the lure that attracts me, the reasoning behind all my thoughts, my reveries, and this particular ambition. Barriers have restricted the human race for the entirety of our existence, but in return we have requited these obstructions with creations of our own. Trains, planes, automobiles, these are the oeuvres humanity has left for later generations in the attempts of never allowing impediments from slowing the advancement or greatness that we aspire to. How many times have I wished that I could iron away the blunders that destiny has fabricated. However, I’ve come to realize that destiny has made these blunders so that I could unravel the reality of the situation and the amount of perseverance it takes to iron them. I will not allow a language barrier to conquer me and distract me from visiting a land I have always wanted to see, after all I am part of the human race and have been born with the acute stubbornness all have. I will not bow before my barrier, I will not be conquered but conquer, nor allow myself to admit defeat but instead perceive the temptation of defeat as intangible, and project my thoughts as incorrigible.

I have grown many years in a short time, it sometimes scares me to have known the length of what I’ve grown. The thought of visiting this country has contributed to my growth, because I now want to grow more in order for me to be ready to explore the delights ahead and overcome the barriers put in my path, so in turn I will prove myself to myself that I am able to iron creases that even destiny has fabricated. To be able to come across new traditions and speak this language that is strange to my ears but delightful to my lips and realize that it will forever be strange and forever hold beauty, but will no longer be foreign.

Somehow I believe that I have found my true love in things that are foreign to me. Of an alien land whose represents balance and the elements and emits charm through its traditions and culture. In four years I hope to visit South Korea with the ability to speak its citizen’s language, lay on Simhak Mountain in the sea of poppies and look up at a different but same sky. I have been told that I can never go to where to I want to be, however, these words fall upon death ears because this is the place that rouses me, inspires me, and where I will spend my time wisely with no regrets for as long as my destiny has given me.

About the Author: Luisa Rincon grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and was born in Colombia. I hope to visit South Korea in three years after I master the language before I start freshman year in college.

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