Ripped Off in Honolulu… by a Bird!


hamerkop_nest_bridgitA moment ago an elegant Japanese lady and her daughter stopped by the
Honolulu zoo aviary and seated themselves on a wooden fence railing.
They paused there, enjoying the diversity of bird life.

Speaking to each other in rather hushed voices so as not to disturb the
inhabitants or the serenity of the environment, they settled-in to
observe these wonderful creatures. Both women were impeccably dressed, looking as if they had just come from Gucci’s salon. The young girl reached up and removed her gold-rimmed sunglasses and carefully placed them on the railing beside her.

The Hammercop had been watching these visions of oriental affluence with
the keen eye of a master thief. The sunglasses offered an irresistible target and, with a confidence born of experience, this winged outlaw swooped up, grabbed the sunglasses and headed for the nest.

The young lady, in total astonishment, started yelling for this arrogant
bird to return her glasses. At least I assume that’s what she was
saying. It could have been something a bit more graphic than that.

Since I do not speak Japanese I could only guess at the content of her

About a minute had passed when the Hammercot re-appeared… sans sunglasses… and proceeded to squawk at the top of it’s ample voice, all
the time strutting back and forth in front of the two amazed women, as if to chide them for their silliness.

The ladies looked at each other in incredulous disbelief at the audacity
of this feathery felon, and then suddenly broke out laughing. Several
minutes later, after regaining their stoic Asian composure, they departed… taking with them a memorable story to tell their friends back
in Japan.

As for me… I am waiting to see a fledgling Hammercop decked out in his
new gold-rimmed sunglasses.

About the Author: (c)Thom Reece lived for 26 years in Hawaii and has written many observations about his visits to the remarkable aviary at the Honolulu zoo. He posts regularly to his FaceBook page.

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