Are You Ready to Reach for Success with RISE and GRIND?


What is the secret to success? How do you know your new idea will work out? The truth is no one knows if something new will be great but you can create a space where you are more likely to succeed. Daymond John shares how he has been able to stay focused on his goals and asks other entrepreneurs for their daily secrets.

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?What do you do daily to Rise and Grind? Adopt a few strategies from the super star business people interviewed in this new book to turn 2018 into your Rock Star Year! Find out more about the 16 Powerful Stories to Help You Outperform, Outwork, And Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life in RISE and GRIND.

Daymond said: “We all get the same twenty-four hours a day, whether we have a million dollars in the bank or a hundred. This book is about how to put those hours to work for you, how to use them to outperform, outwork, and outhustle your way to the top.” This point really hit home with me. I decide where to put my energy and what I will focus on. I can spend my time creating success or being afraid that my plan will not work.

Each person has to choose: “If you want to succeed, you have to put in the work. Remember, these ultra-successful people get the same 1,440 minutes in every day as you do, and there’s plenty you can learn from how they use them…The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?

I found wisdom in Daymond’s SHARK Points from his book, The Power of Broke and I have been looking forward to learning his GRIND Points:

  • Get on it. Get moving.

  • Repeat. Build a meaningful routine and then stick to it.

  • Insist on your very best. Life isn’t what you accept, it’s what you negotiate.

  • Navigate.The key is navigating those larger journeys in life and moving with speed and precision, like a killer shark in the water. Keep our eyes on where we want to get to in life—our goals, our passions, our dreams—and keep moving in that direction with fury and purpose when necessary.

  • Desire, drive, determination to accomplish the outcomes they set out in front of them.

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?

I found helpful suggestions from the personal stories shared by the entrepreneurs in this book but I especially liked when Daymond talked about his own issues with dyslexia and how more than 1 billion people on our planet live with some type of disability which is more than 15 percent of the world’s population. We all have challenges. We all have things to overcome. Are you willing to put in the work?

I have been working on my issues. In my late 40’s I finally dealt with an eye issue that was undiagnosed in my childhood. I believed that I was clumsy and not athletic and a terrible parallel parker. It turns out there is a reason that these thing which seem obvious and basic to others can feel nearly impossible to me. I literally did not see the same as other people. There was really no way for me to find the tetherball as it came around the pole. I thought I was incapable, it turns out I needed a different kind of help.

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?As an entrepreneur, I need help as well. Figure out what will put you on the path and then do it. I nearly quit what felt like a million times during eye therapy but I did it and now I know I can accomplish anything. Daymond says: “The key to success comes in recognizing your own little extra something and finding a way for it to lift you instead of bring you down.” I know what I need to do and I am working on my steps and my daily eye exercises.

Daymond talked about recognizing “sometimes you just have to look back to appreciate how far you’ve come…When we’re out on our hero’s journey, and we achieve the reward we believe we’ve been seeking, that’s when we turn and see what it is we’ve accomplished, how far we’ve come.” On my journey, I am amazed with what I created in 2017. I look forward to building even more in 2018 and I will be using the tips from both of Daymond’s books: Power of Broke and Rise and Grind.

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?I believe Daymond’s book is arriving at the perfect time. As he says, “A U.S. News & World Report poll shows that 80 percent of our resolutions fail by mid-February…remember, when you watched the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, you didn’t resolve to be like everyone else!” How will you keep motivated? I am going to keep reading inspiring books.

Each of the people in Daymond’s book are incredible. I wonder who will be your favorite?

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?I loved learning about multiple–Grammy winner Carlos Santana’s practices and philosophies. He reads from his favorite books every morning and before bed. He frames his days this way because:

“It’s like when you get in the car, and you make sure the mirrors are all set. You check the driver-side mirror, the passenger-side mirror, the rearview mirror. You make sure they’re set just right for you, so you can see what’s coming from the back, from the left, from the right. It’s all aligned for you so you can protect yourself. What do they say when you’re learning to drive, that you should know what’s going on seven cars ahead of you, and seven cars behind you?”

How do you set your day or your car on the right road? As Daymond says: “We all have our hardships, our issues. For some of us, it’s abuse. For some, it’s poverty or lack of opportunity. For some, it’s learning or physical disabilities. The lesson I get from Carlos is that it’s how you rise above that hardship, how you get past your issues, that shapes you.”

Remember what Santana does: “wake up feeling thankful, and mindful, and joyful—because, hey, might as well greet the day with a song in your heart.” What choices will you make to fill your 86,400 seconds each day in a meaningful way?

Are you Ready to reach for success with RISE and GRIND?I loved when Daymond talks about his Shark Tank success stories. I have learned so much from the show and remember when he made a deal with Brittani and her dad, Al “Bubba” Baker—a thirteen-year veteran of the National Football League (and a three-time Pro Bowler!).

Bubba has said: “I WILL PERSIST until I succeed…You don’t just walk across the line and tackle the quarterback. The opportunities come when you least expect them, and you have to be moving in order to benefit from that opportunity. I had quite a few moves back when I was playing, and I’ve still got a few moves, and a lot of them came from guile and determination. We live by that in our family….Sometimes you can rise and grind, and rise and grind, and rise and grind, and just grind, grind, grind, and nothing happens. And then you have a breakthrough. But if you don’t grind, I can assure you, nothing’s going to go your way, because you haven’t lined yourself up for it.”

Hearing stories of the process it takes for other people to make it to the finish line and figure out their way is helpful because sometimes it looks like it is easy for others and hard for me. It is important to learn what it takes and to know that continuing to focus on my goals and RISE and GRIND will lead me to great accomplishments.

Daymond says there are three basic principles in all of the individuals he profiled in RISE and GRIND:

  1. They believe that what they do matters.

  2. They risk only as much as they can afford to lose.

  3. They focus on what they have, not what they don’t have.

“Success is not a destination to be found, it is an outcome to be made. We rise to the challenges and responsibilities in front of us, and grind to meet them.”

What things can does Daymond recommend to take care of yourself and put yourself in position to thrive? Here is what he found from all his interviews:

  • they work out on a regular basis—and most hit the gym first thing in the morning, before the day takes shape and time starts running on them . . . • they spend a portion of each day networking—only not in the most obvious ways . . . they keep connected, plugged in, but they’ve each developed a signature style, a way of keeping on top of their contacts that doesn’t feel forced—in other words, they’ve found a way to keep it genuine . . . • they take some time to expand their base of knowledge, to research their market, their customer base, their competitors . . . to stay on top of their business . . . • they set goals for themselves or for their business—writing them down, in a lot of cases, visualizing or internalizing them . . . • they meditate—got to say, I’m endlessly (and, happily) surprised at the number of successful people who find a way to mute the noise of the world, and calm the chaos all around, just to reconnect with their core and their sense of purpose . . . even if it’s only for a few blessed minutes . . . • they delegate—that is, they have come to depend on trusted people around them to help grow their games and scale their businesses, while also allowing them an extra measure of freedom to pursue other opportunities and occasionally step off that moving treadmill they rode to the top in the first place . . . successful people know which tasks to tackle themselves, and which ones to assign to folks who’ll see them through . . . • they have trained themselves to think like an attorney chasing his or her billable hours. What do I mean by that? They manage their time like someone else is paying them for it—which, I guess, they are—but the way that works out is they’re looking to fill their time in meaningful ways. Every chunk of time is accounted for, even if it’s set aside as downtime. Every phone call, every meeting, every strategy session . . . it’s all programmed into their calendars in such a way that they can stay on top of whatever it is they’re doing, whatever it is they’re about to do.

Daymond’s new book is a valuable resource for me. Get your copy today! I am looking forward to meeting Daymond in person in Los Angeles on his book tour! Thank you to Daymond and all the sharks for their show and their books. I have enjoyed them so much!
Lisa Niver, We Said Go Travel

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