Make Your 2018 Resolutions: The Power of Broke


Are you ready for 2018?

Have you made your resolutions?

What are you going to do to make your dreams come true?

I am very inspired by Daymon John’s book, “The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage.” I am looking forward to his new book: RISE AND GRIND which will be available on January 23, 2018! 

I exceeded all of my 2017 goals and I want to do the same for 2018.  What does Daymond recommend?

“To paraphrase a line from Benjamin Franklin: Trial, error, test….Become a crash dummy for yourself and you’ll understand what will work. So what will you do today and expect to learn from—even if you fail at it?”

Daymond John Adore what you do

What are Daymond’s SHARK POINTS: 


Set it all down on paper. Commit to it.


A “shark” needs the same mix of insight, instincts, and information to keep out in front.


It comes down to passion. You’ve got to love, love, love what you’re doing—otherwise



Even when they’re asleep, sharks are slipping through the ocean, swimming, scheming, getting ready to attack—which is pretty much the approach you have to take when you’re starting out in business.

You have to be relentless, nimble, moving ever forward. No matter what. And real sharks out in the ocean, if they don’t keep swimming, they die—so keep this in mind, too.

What are Daymond’s SHARK Point basics?

  • 50 percent of the people on this planet are now under thirty years old, social media is the best, most efficient way to reach this market—no matter what you’re selling.
  • Success doesn’t usually find you on your own schedule, and it hardly ever happens as fast as you want it to happen.
  • See your differences (like Daymond’s dyslexia) as an asset —there can be a silver lining to it. A disability of any kind forces you to compensate.
  • Believe in yourself, believe in your business, believe in your dream, and the money will come—maybe not right away, but soon enough.

Daymond always has a health goal, a family goal, a business goal, a relationship goal, and a philanthropy goal. What will you accomplish in 2018?

Daymond John The Power of BrokeFrom Daymond’s interview with Mark Burnett, Television Producer, Bestselling Author: 

“A lot of people, they’re afraid to try something new because they’re afraid to fail. For them, the fear of failure is so great, they wind up taking ordinary jobs, living ordinary lives. But my fear was something else. Everybody has a fear, right? Most people, they’re either rushing towards a pleasure experience, or they’re running away from a fear experience. And you have to decide, what’s your motivator? My motivator was the fear of looking back and regretting that I didn’t take one of these risks my mom was always talking about. My pain was the fear of future regret, so I didn’t care so much whether things worked out. I only cared that I took the action and tried.”

In the Power of Broke you will learn from “real profiles of real people accomplishing really, really cool things…these remarkably resilient, resourceful, and relentlessly driven individuals have used the power of broke to fuel their resolve and to help them build an iconic billion-dollar brand, an outrageously successful chain of cupcake shops, and a compelling social media platform….And you’ve seen how in each case, they’ve harnessed the power of broke to change their attitude and altitude of vision, possibility, and focus.”

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #1: Use all of the resources available to you,

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #2: Keep it real. Strive for authenticity in everything you do.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #3: Learn (and embrace!) the power of optimization.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #4: Understand that you will be rewarded for solving other people’s problems or filling holes in the marketplace, just as you will be rewarded for helping others reach

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #4: Understand that you will be rewarded for solving other people’s problems or filling holes in the marketplace, just as you will be rewarded for helping others reach their desired objectives.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #5: Put all your passion and purpose behind whatever it is you’re doing. If you don’t believe in yourself, in your product, your service, or your business, you can’t expect anyone else to either.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #6: Take the time to understand and appreciate everyone you meet on your path to success.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #7: Think beyond the moment. This can be tough to do, especially when you’re up against it. Find a way to support your vision with logic, data, and realistic projections.

BROKE POWER PRINCIPLE #8: Make the probability of your success a natural part of your thinking. Expect it…will it so. Why? Because good things come to those who expect them.

Daymond John The Power of Broke

Set a goal… • Do your homework… • Adore what you do… • Remember, you are the brand… • Keep swimming…

Daymond says, “Just look at me: a dyslexic kid from Queens who was raised by a hardworking, no-nonsense single mother who found a way to instill in me an ability to think in big, bold strokes. [I learned] to think without limits, even though there are all kinds of limits on my resources. To think beyond my circumstances, which, I got to say, was pretty bleak at times. Out of that thinking, I somehow found a way to build a $6 billion clothing brand, and an unexpected second career as a brand-building entrepreneur and star of a hit television show…I’ve even been tapped by President Barack Obama to serve as an ambassador of his groundbreaking Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship program (PAGE).”

Are you ready to put the power of broke to work for you?

Remember, there’s no such thing as overnight success.

Your goals don’t just up and find you. No, you’ve got to “rise and grind” to meet them.

You’ve got to be relentless about it.

Because when you do, you find the power to do anything, to get past anything, and to become anything.

The information and inspiring quotes in this article are all from Daymond John’s book, The Power of Broke

rise and grind Daymond John

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