Puerto Rico: The Island of Relaxation


photoThe chill and moisturized sea breeze brushing through your face, giving you tingly sensations all throughout your body, the splashing of waves crashing against the soft moist sand, giving a wooshing sound as they retreat back into the ocean. The sound of little kids running around and laughing; all while you sit in comfort of your yellow and orange striped beach chair. This alone makes a person feel at peace, with tomorrow’s problems nowhere in sight. San Juan, Puerto Rico brings in over a million tourists a day because of this amazing atmosphere it has to offer. This alone inspires people to spend countless hours reading novels, writing, and other activities that would be difficult to fulfill anywhere else.

Throughout my life I have always wondered what it was like to live in a stress free environment, being that I come from a broken home and have faced many difficult situations in my life. Whenever I think of such a place I imagine myself away from the world. Not in a depressed manor, but in a way that I can be in a controlled environment that allows me to think clearly without having to fight off the thousands of thoughts running around in my head. In life I realized that such places are hard to come by, and thought that in order to discover such an unimaginable place I should try finding the answer to my problems the way everybody else does: Yes, that meant searching on “Google” to find my solution. Though this usually only works out for people that are trying to find answers on schoolwork, I figured I might as well give it a shot. After typing in “ ways to find piece of mind” in the search engine I came across a link that displayed “Relaxed Vacations”. After clicking the link, I was brought to a virtual tour of San Juan Puerto Rico. At first, the tour seemed a little misleading as it showed people drinking and partying but as the video went on it geared toward a more calm and romantic time displaying a couple sitting on straw beach. Though I didn’t have such a beautiful significant other as the male in the video had, let alone any “other” in my life at the time, it interested me to see such a calm atmosphere in the video. As my curiosity took the best of me I ended up purchasing a ticket to travel to San Juan for three days. I mean life is all about risks right?

With my body full of nervousness, like the kind you get when it’s your turn to give a speech in college, I boarded the plane. After 3 hours of practicing my Spanish through “Rosetta Stone” I was finally at my destination. As soon as I walked off the plane I was confronted by a dark skin man who seemed to live up to the expectations of the video that involved drinking, as his beer belly supported this claim. However, it came to my surprise that I didn’t need the help of my Rosetta Stone software, as the cab driver spoke very good English. After 10 minutes of driving in a cab I reached my hotel. The astonishing view I had of the ocean was unimaginable. As I paid the cab driver I couldn’t help but walk towards the beach before checking in. the crystal blue water splashing against the shore, the bright yellow sun in the sky that reminded me of the “Sunny D” commercials covered the entire beach with light. After an hour of starring at such a spectacular view I decided to check into my room and begin my three-day journey.

In order to make a long story short, my three-day journey consisted of nothing but sitting on the beach and reading “The Wolf of Wall Street”. I sat on the beach for over 6 hours a day not even noticing the time passing by, or the color of my skin turning into the same shade of the cab driver. However, not a day goes by that I don’t think of the magnificent splashing sound of the waves hitting one another or the soft beige sand covering my feet. My whole life I have tried to find such a place that would provide comforting and relaxed environment that San Juan Puerto Rico had to offer. Since the day I left San Juan, Puerto Rico, I find myself always completing my college course work at a beach. Though I have yet to find a beach as soothing and relaxing as San Juan’s, I find that working in such environments inspire you to read, write, and can make you think more clearly. With that said, I would say San Juan, Puerto Rico is an island full of inspiration and relaxation.

About the author: My name is Victor Berrios, I’m currently a freshmen at the University of Central Florida (UCF). I’m majoring in Hospitality management and minoring in Business. I have a great interest in traveling the world one day along with some other personal goals that I have.

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  1. Man this sounds like the perfect place to spend a month! Sounds utterly awesome! I hope you found the peace you were looking for, and managed to carry it with you home.

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