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Australian teachers Lauren and Jarrad took a year away from their careers to wander the world, and now share their adventures through The Traveller’s Guide by #ljojlo, which specializes in writing about affordable, yet luxurious couples travel.

1.)Where was the first place that you traveled that made you think WOW—travel is amazing (think history book come to life or …..)

There are so many places that have made me think WOW! Antarctica, Peru, Brazil, USA, Iceland and New Zealand, just to name a few. However, if I think hard to back when it all began, and I was new to the travelling scene I believe it would have to be Berlin, Germany, that took my breath away. To see such an incredible city, with such a raw and recent history, gave me goosebumps. If I think about it, I am not sure why I felt this way, but the city just stuck with me and will continue to.

2.)If you had unlimited resources, where would you go and what would you do?

Hands down Antarctica. I have already been, and I would go back again and again and again. I have never witnessed such raw and untouched beauty. I loved it, and hands down it has been my favorite travel experience by far. Oh, and there are so many cute penguins to keep you entertained, However, I would also like to experience Greenland so that would be on my list, too.

3.)What were you afraid to do and how did you find the courage to overcome it?

I was afraid to hike the Inca Trail. I may love to travel, but there are times I don’t like to walk, especially in the rain and at altitude. I was afraid I would not make it, would whinge the whole time and hate it. So, just to see how I would go, I thought what better way to get over this fear of hiking than hike the Inca Trail during its wettest month. I decided to be nothing but positive on the trail, take in slow and be determined to make it. What an experience it was! I made it. I loved it 85% of the time, and the friendship made on that trail will last a lifetime.

4.)What apps do you use regularly that make your life easier?

 Regarding travel I use the following apps:

  • Skyscanner – gives me the cheapest flights
  • Airbnb – my favourite app for accommodation. You get the authentic local experience when staying in an Airbnb
  • com – provides me with all levels of cheap accommodation when Airbnb is not viable
  • Currency Converter – because I always like to be in control of my money and I need to know how much I am spending when using different currencies
  • Google Maps – when I have a local sim with cheap data Google Maps is the best to help me get around
  • Facebook – for tips, tricks and helpful info through travel groups and to also keep in contact with everyone from home

5.)What place do you wish more people have seen?

Antarctica!! As I mentioned before Antarctica is amazing! The landscape is honestly out of this world, while still being on the planet so if you ever have the chance to visit don’t hesitate just go! Also, did I mention Antarctica is AWESOME!

6.)Best advice you have been given and by whom?

Travel while you are young and without responsibilities! I can’t remember who told me this, but I held onto it because it gave me the excuse to break the norm of buying a house and settling down. It gave me the courage to travel at every chance I got and experience the world in all its beauty.

7.)When were you surprised by the kindness of strangers on a trip?

 We met a great New Yorker on a flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago. While on this flight he continually mentioned to let him know when we arrived in New York and he would happily show us around and give us tips and tricks for the sights. Three months later when we arrived in the beautiful city that is New York, his hospitality was second to none. For knowing us for only a couple of hours, to then sharing his knowledge in kindness while in New York, is a major reason why I love traveling.

8.)What inspired you to travel for extended periods of time or live in a new country?

 You only grace this planet once, and there is a lot of the globe to explore! That is what inspires me to travel. I have traveled for seven months in one go, which was out of this world because I visited Antarctica. However, the majority of the time I travel for either two weeks or a month at a time. I don’t mind how long I travel for, provided I get to travel often.

9.) I travel because….learning through experiences is the best way to learn.

Lastly, can you please recommend a resource for up-and-coming travel writers; this could be a course you know, a book, conference etc. 

I would recommend  Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker, who inspired me to begin blogging about my travels. Find his book on Amazon: The Broke Backpacker: Travel Blogging 101: Become a Professional Blogger and Travel the World Forever

The Traveller’s Guide by #ljojlo (Lauren, or LJO and Jarrad, or JLO) writes about affordable, yet luxurious couples travel. From research, to budgeting and planning, to packing they cover their adventures as they pack their lives into a backpack. Lauren also has a candle business. Anywhere & Everywhere – Be Taken Places, which currently creates hand-crafted soy candles inspired by her travels.

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Lori Green LeRoy is a mom to two young boys, and currently indoctrinating them into the wonder and awe of exploring the world, so far 27 states and 11 countries. She writes travel pieces for several websites as well as her own blog:

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