Pokhara, Nepal: A Mystic Place To Be


IMG_5642Since I was away from my home country Nepal for many years, many of my foreign friends had asked me about mountains and Himalaya of Nepal. But, I did not have the solid answer that how it would look like. But as soon as I came back to my home country I packed my bag and headed for Pokhara, which is paradise for many nature lovers. I caught a local bus from Kathmandu at around six in the morning in the month of October. There were dozens of flights also available from Kathmandu for round trip fare of around 70 dollars but I chose road transportation so that I could enjoy scenic beauty of mountains and hills.

Being a gateway of trekking paradise like Annapurna circuit, Annapurna base camp, lying north of it, Pokhara easily lures visitors from around the world. I reached at around 11 AM in 5 hours bus trip.

As it is the tourist hub of the country, it was easy to get accommodation either in budget or luxurious hotels. I chose a single room for 6 hundred Nepalese rupees (6 dollars) which was cozy and decent one. It is true that you can spend a day in as low is in 16 dollars in Pokhara, which is really inexpensive. Pokhara is also considered the dream destination for backpackers.

Bikes on Hire, Taxis were easily available in various parts to move around including local buses. It might take you few days to enjoy all the natural beauty of Pokhara as it offers the best sightseeing, hiking, boating, paragliding and Rafting/Kayaking spots.

Pokhara is a significant tourist destination in Nepal which lies between the great Himalayas and Mahabharat range in the central region of the country. It is the only Place in the world from where one can enjoy the magnificent view of Mountains having elevation above 8000 meters while sitting below 1000 meter above sea level. Out of the 14 highest mountains of the world, which are known as eight thou sanders having elevation above 8000 meters, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manasulu can be seen from Pokhara. It is an enchanating city nestled in a tranquil valley, which is also gateway to the world famous Annapurna circuit trekking trail.

Several hills and hillocks scattered around Pokhara valley are destination for day hikes Offering different tastes of nature by each of them. Kahun hill, Sarankot, Kaskikot, Naundanda, Australian Camp, Dhital, Rupakot, Mattikhan, Nirmalpokhari, Bharatpokhari, Kalikasthan, Armalakot, Dhampus are some hill stations from where you can enjoy local culture, sunrise, sunset and panoramic mountain view.

Paragliding from the hill of Sarangkot can be a lifetime experience for all travelers. The mountains loom over to you on your north and below you the landscape is dotted with paddy fields and hamlets. Probably that’s why Pokhara is amongst the hotspots for Paragliding in the world. The flying season commences from September through February. November and December being the best months. Sarangkot is graded as one of the top five-paragliding destinations in the world.

If you have a dream to fly like birds, go to Pokhara and try Ultra light Flights. Leave your woes behind on earth, soar to heights, bath in the clouds, reach out for the mountain sand kiss the azure sky as you fly across. This also offers opportunities to take some of the most breathtaking views. There are also Mountain Flights available if you want to see the tallest Himalays in Annapurna region. Mountain flight is also interesting for even those who have done their treeking. It gives a completely different experience than trekking. It gives a chance to see the large range of massive mountains in on glance. Other attcations of Pokhara are the lakes it has. Phewa lake, the second largest lake in Nepal can be seen very beautiful in the lap of mount Machhapuchhre. There are many other lakes like; Mahendra lake, Begnas lake can be genuine place for boating, Kayaking, sun bathing, fishing, bird watching, swimming. Pokhara has also been an ideal place for creativity. Many writers and poets have found creation in this mystic place.

International Mountain Museum, Regional Museum, Annapurna Museum, Gurkha Memorial Museum which document mountaineering and mountaineers are also must visit places in Pokhara. Tal Barahi Temple, Kedereshwor Temple and Buddhist Monastery, World peace Pagoda are also mind-blowing spots of Pokhara.

About the Author:  Sunil Dhungana is a travel enthusiast; I have travelled four continents so far. I like to collect travel experiences as much as I can.

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    You did it. you made me want to “Leave your woes behind on earth, soar to heights, bath in the clouds, reach out for the mountain sand kiss the azure sky as you fly across.” This is what am talking about-to bring me to places I’ve never been before.

    You see, if there’s one thing I want to comment is the fact that THERE ARE SO MANY NAMES of places, museums and places again and I tell you, that’s a good idea for me to take notes but way too bad for me to memorize like there’s so much in my plate. But really, I like it. It’s more like you’re selling us the place and poof, SOLD!

    Maybe because you’ve actually been there and I like the idea of you highlighting the part wherein you gave details on what bus to take and where, even offered us options, and simply featuring the cheaper expenses so as not to stress those who want to travel and have lesser budget than the millionaires.

    Also, please check and double check again and again your article to avoid typo errors. 🙂

    I like it. Keep it up! 😀
    Good luck!

  2. You’re a great writer. Keep up the good work! Wish you luck and more power. God bless you! 🙂

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