Wild in Macau

May 8, 2018

Joshua McCartney

How the Photo was Taken

This is a self portrait image. I did not have a tripod so I created a small hold for my camera using some rocks. I set the timer and sprinted to the rocks and began climbing. The shot took about 20 minutes to get the right one. It involved me falling off the rocks many times but with cut knees and a smile I eventually got the image I was looking for.

Photo Location

The location for this image is about 2 hours hike from the nearest village, I began hiking at 3am and forgetting to bring a flashlight I did most of it in the pitch black. The images was taken at around 5:50 just before the sun came up over the horizon.

About the Author

Joshua McCartney

My name is Joshua McCartney, I am an adventure travel photographer that loves to travel around the world doing backpack style adventures. Co-CEO of a small production company I am hoping to turn my love for photography, film and travel into a full time job.

Website : http:wonderlustproductions.weebly.com/

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