Waiting in Spain

Mar 30, 2018

Christopher Brown

How the Photo was Taken

I used a tripod to keep the my Canon 7D steady and a 10 stop filter to remove some of the daylight enabling me to extend my exposure time. I then used Photoshop, to do some colour correction and general adjustments/cropping.

Photo Location

I chose this photo as I feel the exposure time really gives you a sense of what the surfers will have to face once they paddle out. I also like that the image could at fist sight be mistaken for a painting because of the way the waves are rolling into each other. I took the photo on Zurriola beach, San Sebastian, Spain. At Approx 18.30 on 05/09/17. The waves were really big that day and surfers were picking their moment to run out into the ocean.

About the Author

Christopher Brown

I'm a self taught photographer who enjoys travel photography. I'm mainly drawn towards landscape photography but enjoy shooting whatever presents itself.

Website : instagram @crojet

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