Tranquil Harbour in Australia

May 27, 2018

Inez Roggema

How the Photo was Taken

I used a DSLR camera to take the photo, then enhanced it using the iPhoto enhance button.

Photo Location

I took the photo while on a weekend away with a friend to the central coast in NSW, Australia. We had just been on a long hike and were sitting on a small pier eating fish and chips, and I thought the old fisherman's boats looked really pretty and calm resting on the water ahead of us. It was the late afternoon, so the atmosphere was quite relaxing. I felt quite dreamy and giddy and very tempted in a way by the colours of the small ships and the background.

About the Author

Inez Roggema

Hi, I'm Inez, I'm a 15-yr-old amateur photographer from the Netherlands (currently living in Australia). I really like photography and do it quite a lot. I'm currently starting my senior year of high school (wish me luck) and have lots of photography ideas for my visual arts classes at school. Other hobbies of mine include swimming (waterpolo), reading, drawing/painting (artmaking in general), playing guitar/ukelele or making music and cooking.

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