Sandy Frog in the USA

Dec 15, 2018

Nikolas Figueroa

How the Photo was Taken

I used a Samsung phone to take this photo. I did not alter this photo because I felt as if nature was beautiful the way it is seen truly.

Photo Location

I took this photo in New Jersey, Woodland, at Franklin Parker Preserve while on the trail hiking. This photo was taken on July 9, 2018 at 7:27PM. While taking this photo this baby frog allowed me to get very close to take this photo and get all the details on the frog. I felt as if this frog was so beautiful that the photo did not need any editing and that way it would show the true beauty of nature. I would hope that this picture inspires people to seek out and create their own adventure just as I did. Their is beauty everywhere in the world it just depends on what you make of the things you see. I love photography for this reason and like to show people using the photos I take just how beautiful nature is.

About the Author

Nikolas Figueroa

I love to go hiking and explore the world whenever I get the chance to. While out exploring I like to take photos so everyone else can get inspired to see the world to.

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