Nature as Architect

Jun 4, 2018

Chin Chean Yong

How the Photo was Taken

DSLR – a7rII + FE1635z wrapped in a cheap plasticbag (due to dust, humidity and muddiness of terrain)
Lightroom to increase contrast/brightness and reduce noise.
Handheld as we werent allowed to bring any bags/additional equipment without prior permission

Photo Location

I wasnt expecting much when going to a cave in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was a self planned trip and I was in the post-excitement phase having visited the bustling city for street scenes and the amazing borobudur temple yesterday. Turns out there was a better scene awaiting underground. From above via a separate entrance, it did not look like much but decided to sneak in my dslr anyway despite caution from the site operators and friends. We rappelled down into a large hole of a forest and entered a rather large cave. It was pitch black, cold, foggy, muddy and slippery. People were clinging on to each other with their headtorches. I was clinging on to my camera. After 20 minutes of 'dancing' on mud, we reached this amazing main chamber as the fog lifted. Everyone immediately forgot their initial hardship and rushed to the 'altar' collecting water to drink, filtered down from above. I waited to be the last one to leave and light broke through the hole above. I immediately knew what composition I wanted. Location - Jomblang Cave (midday - rain)

About the Author

Chin Chean Yong

I moved to the UK in 2007 and primarily work as a general practitioner. However, I have a huge wanderlust to my wife's dismay. This has translated to lots of travelling, hiking and urban exploration in Leeds where I stay. I am also an accomplished ultra distance runner. I love telling stories through pictures and never leave the house without a camera. My wife calls my dslr 'Matilda' and I do think she is right when she says I spend more time with Matilda than her.

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