Mariachi! Guernavaca – Mexico

May 4, 2018

Lash Augsburger

How the Photo was Taken

EQUIPMENT: Sony DSC-HX300 – tripod
Editing: Picasa photo editor and Photoshop Elements
Settings: ISO 80 – F/4 – shutter 1/40

I always try to use the lowest ISO possible for the least noise in my images. I used f/4 aperture so the entire band would be in focus, but not the background. However, with my camera, the background was still very crisp. So I went into Photoshop Elements to manually blur the background in attempt to de-clutter the final image. A shutter speed of 1/40 was needed for correct exposure with the other 2 settings.

Photo Location

Mexico has many distinctive traditional forms of music, several of them featuring roving musical troupes. Even now in Mexico's modern world it's still common in many cities, towns and tourist areas to be serenaded by one type of music band or other, fancily-clad in traditional matching suits. I traveled extensively around Mexico for more than one year in 2016-2017. I listened to many such bands – at beaches, restaurants, bars, city parks and plazas. Perhaps the most visually impressive are the traditional Mariachi bands. I'd been waiting eagerly to see the Mariachis as I headed west through central Mexico towards Guadalajara, where Mariachi originated. I got my first chance while wandering around downtown Guernavaca, a small city about two hours south of Mexico City. When I saw this Mariachi band warming up to play on the streets, I wasted no time getting close and center to photograph them in action. Crouching down low with a straight-on, full frontal position, I snapped off several images before the crowds could gather and clutter up the scene.

About the Author

Lash Augsburger

Lash has been traveling the world solo since 1998. She has been avidly chronicling the beautiful natural world and intriguing cultures she encounters through extensive writing and photography. See more of Lash's photography at LashAPhotography and on her travel blog LashWorldTour

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