Magical Venice in Italy

Apr 21, 2018

Marija Andonovska

How the Photo was Taken

I took this photo with my Nikon l840 and it’s edited with VSCO filters.

Photo Location

This photo was taken on 25th of May. It is a very special photo to me. I was on a school trip around Europe. I was very excited about that trip because we were visiting Italy. My favourite place from a little age. I even took Italian classes and learned that great language. That magical country has the best people, food and culture. Venice was my dream. We were going there with an small boat and in the same second that i got out of that boat i was delighted. I thought "This is the most beautiful place i have ever seen!". I was totally right about that. Then we were walking to the St. Mark's square. On the way to there we stopped to see the bridge of sights. The story about that bridge left me speechles, I was amazed. Basically the view of the bridge was the last view of Venice that convicts saw on the way to their cells. It was the last time they could smell the sea and see their beautiful town. This story was really heartbreaking and hit me hard. It left a big impact on me and that's the reason this photo is special to me. I was going through the crowds taking photos and feeling big empathy for the people who were passing there. In that moments i was connected to the people in the past that i didn't even know. What a feeling was that. One of those moments that are worth living for. One of the moments that stay for a lifetime with you. This is why i love traveling and this is why i love andventures and making memories. Because that is the only thing that stays. Because one day we will be old and we will be left only with memories from the youth.

About the Author

Marija Andonovska

I am a 17 years old girl from a beautiful small town in Macedonia. Loving animals, people and life. My passion is photography and travelling. Big feminist in heart. Family is everything.

Website : Instagram- @andonovskamarija

Twitter : Unfortunetly, i don't have one.

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