Lost in the Clouds in Argentina

May 13, 2018

Hanna Oleszak

How the Photo was Taken

I used a Nikon D5500 to take this picture. There’s no filter, but I used the photo editing software that’s part of the Mac’s Photo App to edit it a bit.

Photo Location

I took this photo in the region of Salta, which is in northwestern Argentina. This little chapel, called Capilla San Rafael, is located right on the border of Los Cordones National Park and found at an altitude of 3457 meters (hence the cloud cover). I captured this shot in the morning, around 10 AM, on August 16, 2017 during a two-month trip throughout Argentina. I chose this image because it represents my favorite part of traveling - stumbling upon the unexpected. We came to Salta specifically to see the region's vast wilderness and its many canyons. On this particular day, we did just that. We soaked up the breathtaking views of this canyon our whole drive up, but as we neared the highest point of the pass, the effects of altitude sickness began to kick in. We figured we would skip the viewpoint at the top and start our descent right away so that we could regain our breath sooner. However, we changed our minds. At over 3000 meters above sea level, you wouldn't expect to see much more than the rolling hills and occasional herd of alpacas; but here, in the middle of nowhere, stood this beautiful chapel. It was lost in the clouds in this remote part of the world, and we had found it.

About the Author

Hanna Oleszak

I'm a recent graduate from Boston College, trying to navigate my way through this new postgrad life. I've always been passionate about traveling and have seen a great deal of North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe. I've always been interested in photography, but only recently did I purchase my first DSLR. My recent trip to Argentina gave me a lot of opportunities to practice using my new D5500.

Website : www.vsco.co/hania0le

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