Being Followed by a Buffalo in Nepal

Jul 7, 2019

Chris Brader

How the Photo was Taken

Photo taken with Nikon D7100 and Nikon 55-300mm lens.
Photo shot raw, high res and then put into light room.
A dehaze feature was used and some tweaks to contrast and saturation.

Photo Location

This buffalo was following my wife on the last day of our hike for the Poon Hill Circuit in Nepal. Specifically this buffalo was in Ghorepani Village. He would behind her as if to say, "I'm not following you." But we would stop, the buffalo would stop and look away and if buffalo's could whistle this one would have for sure been whistling! We would speed up, the buffalo would speed up. It did seem to be well cared for, but still wanted a snack and we had nothing to feed a buffalo. We finally lost him when we had to go up some steep steps.

About the Author

Chris Brader

Chris Brader is a traveler, photographer and park ranger with VT State Parks. He usually spends half the year traveling and the other half the year living in a forest in Vermont.

Website :

Twitter : vagabondwaytiffany

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