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As the former Prime Minister of India named Jawaharlal Nehru said “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

I don’t know how to describe the place because the word beautiful is not enough for its description so maybe can I just sing the song: THE WORLD IS JUST AWESOME (discovery channel theme song)?

After a long day surfing the internet on looking for a place for the weekend. I ended up chosing Nagsasa cove after all the pictures and blogs review about it. And when the weekend approached, I found myself as passengers of victory liner bus heading to San Antonio. After four hours trip while listening to the song “Payphone” by maroon five, maybe the summer theme song that time I reached the place.

I so love the trip, with all the other people like travelers, local folks there, and the trees and the mountains of Zambales. I looked around for a tricycle going to Pundaquit shore and voilah!!! I found myself riding the boat heading to Nagsasa cove over the blue water of the vast west Philippine that is so clean.

After an hour of boatride. Hello Nagsasa cove, and I wasn’t mistaken, because what I’ve read is more than what I’ve seen and felt when i finally reached the place. It doesn’t offer an accommodation. There’s no fan or air-conditioning but nobody needs it anyway. I got fresh air everywhere. I love the moment when I was having my dinner and breakfast facing the calm water of the West Philippine Sea that is too beautiful.

Furthermore, this the place with no signal for cellular phones nor electricity so there’s no room for disturbance. Aeta’s tribe people were very accommodating. In the morning, I finally made a closer look at Nagsasa Cove, Philippines.

I just love the lake and the rolling mountains as its backdrop. The lake offers an endless bliss and opportunities for me to enjoy and explore nature. I spent the entire morning walking at the seashore with its white sand came from the erupted volcano thirty years ago. I also enjoyed swimming the calm sea and discovering the place as the amazing part where the water of the lake and sea connected.

I felt the soft sea breeze and gentle warmth from the daylight sun. Looking at these breathtaking view in the cove made me realize that God is really so great and life is so beautiful. The cove is so alive, I know everything in this world is unique that sometimes, sitting and watching birds fly or staring at flowers or just by watching a leaf on a tree dancing to the rhythm of the wind makes me feel happy and invincible.

Simple pleasure is the best ! I am a happy soul. I appreciate little things in life. As I left that place, I realize that there is always more to life, like places that could make us feel what life is all about.

About the Author: I am Beverly Antonio,24 years old from the Philippines. I took up B. S. Psychology and I am currently working as a military, an Enlisted Personnel at the Philippine Air Force. Find me on my Facebook page.


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