The Island of Prince Edward, Canada


seagull-flying-on-blue-sky-10065599 (1)We were off! My five younger brothers, my sister, my parents and I were crammed into the car with all our luggage and enough food for the two day drive. We stopped every now and then to eat and stretch our legs. Sometimes the baby would scream for hours on end but we found that if we listened to a certain song he would go to sleep so we played that song over and over again.

After what seemed like eternity we arrived at our hotel. We climbed into our pajamas and settled into bed when all of a sudden the fire alarm went off. We grabbed armfuls of bags, shoes and toothbrushes and rushed out to the crowded parking lot where we stood shivering in the dark for an hour. The baby wasn’t happy. It was a false alarm but four huge fire trucks came anyway and we got to see them up close.

The next day’s drive was just as long and painful but we finally got there! Every summer we go to the most wonderful place in the world. The two day drive there and back is the price we pay but it is worth every bit of it and more!

We go to McInnis Cove, PEI Canada and stay with our grandparents for about a week every summer. Time stands still there. When we get to Prince Edward Island it is like we have been there all our lives and our other life with school and commitments and expectations is like a bothersome dream.

My brothers and I bounced out of the car and rushed to the cliffs to inspect the beach.
“No seaweed on the beach this year!”
“The Chapel Brook looks swell!”
“I hope the ocean is already warm.”
“Hurrah! Hurrah! It’s all so blue!”

We capered about from pure joy at being out of the car and entering this beautiful paradise. Then we raced back to the bunkhouse. Nana had made it all ready for us.

“Let’s climb in the rafters!”
“Not yet, wait till tonight!”
“Remember when Cousin Angus came and stayed up with Charlie all night long?”
“Is he coming this year?”
“Let’s stay up all night tonight!”

Then we scattered; we talked with Nana and Grampy, we jumped on the trampoline, we tried out the new hot tub and went searching for wild strawberries on the edge of the cliffs. Once the adults were ready we went down to the beach. We built sandcastles, went body surfing, walked down the beach to the second point, searched for beautiful pieces of sea glass, and took Grampy’s kayak out and played on it, flipping it over and over in the crisp blue waves. Harry and I swam out to the sandbar! We brought three crabs back to the beach and built them a habitat out of sand, seaweed and baby shrimp.
In the evening we strolled back up to the house to eat supper. Nana and Grampy fed us lots of delicious lobsters, potatoes and mussels. After we were full we went out to the garage with Grampy and hitched the canoes and the John Boat to his truck. We drove to North Lake Harbor and fished until the mosquitoes drove us home. Then we had a driftwood campfire and recited poetry. We all fall asleep immediately after crawling into bed.
The next day was Sunday so we walked to church. After mass my brother convinced the adults to let us hike to Mill’s Creek for an afternoon fish. Almost immediately all our lines got tangled in the trees except Harry’s. We watched him catch fish after fish while we got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ian fell in when he was helping Harry with the net, Harry fell in when he slipped on the log and Andrew fell in because he is Andrew. We went home wet, itchy and insanely happy.

We got cleaned up and headed out for the Ceilidah. At the Ceilidah we ate the best biscuits and jam known to mankind and drank strong black tea known as Nor’sider Tea. We met up with friends from earlier vacations and listened to local musicians playing Scottish fiddle music.

Prince Edward Island is happiest place in the world and the first place where I would want to spend my time. The land is beautiful and the sea is always near. The people are friendly and kind, the food is delicious and there is always lots to do. Everything in McInnis Cove conjures up blissful memories for me. An hour there is worth more than a whole month in school. Time spent there is time I can relive forever, time I could tell stories to my children about, time wisely and joyfully spent.

About the Author: Abigail Santora is a homeschooled student who lives in Western New York with her rabbit named Dante. She enjoys reading, playing her violin, building puzzles, and hanging out with her many brothers.

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