Nigeria, My Country: What it means to me



I would like to explain some of the above words in a clear and concise manner.

Gratitude; according to the Seventh Edition of the Oxford Learners Dictionary, it simply connotes with the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks. Inspire; it means giving somebody the desire, confidence or enthusiasm to do something well. Awe; as it connotes to the topic simply conveys the sense of wonder and amazement, it shows feelings of being impressed by something.

Nigeria as it connotes to the topic is a country on the coast of West Africa, the country was eventually claimed by the British, who consolidated the area into one colony in 1960, Abuja is the official capital. Having taken in consideration the literal meaning of the above words, I will now expand with series of logical proportions what makes the country awe inspiring and what it meant to me.

To begin with, Nigeria is a land of opportunity to explore new challenges and the freedom to make personal decisions along life’s adventurous journey, experiencing highs and even road bumps along the way, being Nigerian to me means having the opportunity to freely express myself and my opinions and to know that my country is a safe and friendly place to live. The country’s cultural heritage is woven from threads of history and diversity, legend and conquest, the country is known for her multi-ethnic etiquette, manners and protocols, the food which embellishes a rich blend of traditionally African carbohydrates such as yam and cassava as well as vegetable soup made from native green leaves are some of the food culture of this diversity country, though a multi-ethnic group but the styles of folk music are so related to the multitudes of ethnic groups which signifies that this diversity country is so peaked in unity in diversity, in traditional arts, Nigeria has distinguished herself over the centuries in the field of arts, their versatility in arts is so great, the country has in centuries being viewed in all the world as the principal trustee of durable fruits of black artistic genius, tourists visiting the country will gain insight to a glorious past as well as a promising future, set amid of the natural beauty of this diversity country. I did a tour of different countries and discovered that the country is highly admired when it comes to art, moreover, the country is nature preservers, without outwardly showing it, Nigerians are patriotic people when it comes to culture, the country’s cultural heritage has classified her as a place of acceptance of diversity and people’s heritage, a cultural country that allows people to live in relative harmony with inclusiveness.

Nevertheless, Nigeria means a home of democracy; ‘‘we attract hearts by the qualities we display, we retain them by the qualities we possess’’. The country is admired when it comes to democracy because she understood that democracy is an imperative for good governance, the nation has configured its politics to policy, the country is politically stable, which means that the diversity country is secure, predictable, reliable and hard to knock over, the majority are happy because they feel at stake and are not excluded from the mainstream of sustainable development. I so much admire the policy of this diversity country because it is accountable and transparent, the leaders profession (e.g. philosophy, literary criticism, sociology, law, political analysis, theoretical science, etc) solely involve production and dissemination of ideas, she is known for political stability, foreigners attention are always peaked in her democratic nature because her leadership implied a distinction when compared to other countries, the Nigeria as I know nurtures people of great calibre, leaders of notable cultural and artistic expertise whose knowledge grant them intellectual authority in public discourse.
Indeed, Nigeria is a country for travellers to explore the good of nature because the natural beauty of this diversity country is so inspiring.

About the Author: My names are Ikegwu Michael Chukwudi, I am a Nigerian and a secondary School graduate. I enjoy getting to know other peoples culture since I am culturally diverse. I also enjoy reading and writing. I am social, kind and easy going.

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